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Notice Me (Sam Gladiator x Reader) by Shipping_Crazy
Notice Me (Sam Gladiator x Reader)by Shipping_Crazy
(Y/n) started attending Yandere High, and has a crush on her Senpai Sam...She doesn't want him to know...so she wants him to notice her...Will he or will he ignore or...
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Delusions of Glamour: The Time I Went to Spain and Told Lies to My Boyfriend by LuxAStone
Delusions of Glamour: The Time I W...by Lux A. Stone
If you study abroad, you should probably lie to your boyfriend. AJ and I have always had this animal attraction, 'I want to throw you against the wall and lick ice cream...
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Project Popularity by MelTheBookAddict
Project Popularityby MelTheBookAddict
Luke Archer and Summer Merrick have always been the It-Couple at Roseville High. When Luke breaks up with Summer at the beginning of senior year, Summer reveals that she...
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Call Your Girlfriend by awes0me_
Call Your Girlfriendby Kelly
Benjamin Carr was happily in his relationship with Lisa Zane up until Kandice Mills, also known as Kay and Kandi, crossed his path. Ever since they came in contact, she'...
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The Office Fanficion:  Awkward High School Years by PhoenixKhaleesi
The Office Fanficion: Awkward Hig...by PhoenixKhaleesi
High school is supposed to have been the best experience for The Office gang but ever since Dwight Shrute mysteriously got the President position for the Student Counc...
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THE WOODS (Urban) by humblingoutcast
THE WOODS (Urban)by Kruddykidj
"Got damn Brandon! What the fuck!?" I snarled as I watched my best friend continue smashing the butt of his gun into some nigga's skull. Living in South Caroli...
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The Alpha Girl by CalmYourHoranMoan
The Alpha Girlby CalmYourHoranMoan
Skye is like any other teenage werewolf. Except in two aspects. She happens to be the only female shape shifter in her territory. She is also the Alpha.Her parents are d...
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The Vampires Princess (Completed) by GoldenInk
The Vampires Princess (Completed)by M Inks
Peaches is just your regular girl entering a new school for her senior year of high school. Peaches meets Luke and Joshua. Joshua is dark and distant, he's never loved o...
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4 F*cking Years: My HighSchool Stories by HunterKluth
4 F*cking Years: My HighSchool Sto...by HunterKluth
Introduction: So I'm not sure if there is any books out there like this. But I'm going to be telling you my HighSchool tales from freshman year to my senior year to grad...
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The real you (boyxboy) by theonedfrayhotel
The real you (boyxboy)by theonedfrayhotel
High-school... it’s a time you live through searching and trying to find your true inner self. Most of the time it’s complete hell, but if you give it time you really do...
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Waking Up Next To Him by Prakruti97
Waking Up Next To Himby Prakruti97
Emma is a bubbly and nerdy girl in her senior year of high school. For the first time in her life, she has fallen in love. It's a sensation she only read about and had n...
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Panem High (ON HOLD) by helloannalily
Panem High (ON HOLD)by helloannalily
Katniss, her twin brother Gale, and their younger sister Prim are new to Panem High. Katniss and Gale meet the popular group, called the Victors. They are pulled in, and...
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You Promised (Grayson Dolan)(Love Robbery Sequel) by livingthatthuglife
You Promised (Grayson Dolan)(Love...by Zelda
***This book won't make any sense unless you read the prequel, Love Robbery.*** Cody comes back, bigger than ever, deciding he's not done with Haley yet. With Grayson li...
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I Wasn't Supposed To Fall For You [Published] by JessicaCMadden
I Wasn't Supposed To Fall For You...by Jessica Madden
MK is a straight A's student and studies hard. Everyone excepts her to do well. But when the principal asks her to tutor Jordan, the bad boy of the school who is failing...
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Bleeding Love by xJemiLovex
Bleeding Loveby xJemiLovex
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Popular By Default by daliaxcx
Popular By Defaultby Dalia
Meet Caitie Young, the first girl enrolled in the Full Heights Academy for Boys in a program set up to assess the academic differences between two rival schools. Her en...
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My Best Friend's Brother by TheRiter
My Best Friend's Brotherby Loren Wilson
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Deceptive by stfuximshelli495
Deceptiveby Shelli
'The Electos' or in simpler terms 'The Chosen Ones' occurs when an enchanter is chosen to be the mate of a vampire. Mates are already rare when it comes to vampires so t...
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Foxy Girl by Red_Krystal
Foxy Girlby Silver Indigo
A fox finds her way into Ouran High School after being chased by scientists and hunters. She's the last of her kind, her fur pattern is rare and some want her to experim...
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