110. His Possesive Eyes

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Vienna was walking down the stairs of the hotel.  Her mother had helped her get ready and now her mother had gone back to her room to wait to leave with her father. It was almost time to leave.

As Vienna reached the bottom of stairs, she froze. She saw Tristan standing there with authority like a Roman emperor hands in his pockets staring at her as he was leaning to the wall opposite the set of stairs. It was as though he had been expecting her. He had a brand new suit that really suited him. His grandparents spoiled him with the latest fashion. But he was as handsome as always with or without that suit. What stood out the most were his possessive pair of eyes staring at her. He gave her a smile "Good morning Vienna."

Vienna breathed "Good morning ..." She wanted to walk away towards the exit to the carpark's direction. She wanted to move. But she couldnt. His piercing possessive eyes told her not to leave him. She was attracted towards him but when he looked at her like she was the only one in the room it made it hard to walk away from him for any reasons. The look in his eyes was not threatening. It was promising. He seemed slightly on edge too

Vienna cleared her throat. She decided to question him against her better judgement. She wasnt sure if she was going to like the answer "Is everything alright? You seem abit... on edge?"

Tristan walked towards her slowly "Vienna... Of course I have been on edge..... I have been thinking of you.... I have been waiting for you..." He was now standing in front of her "I wanted to ask you a question and have been hoping for an affirmation... Tell me.... Do you mind coming with me to the church?"

Vienna was looking up into his eyes with questioning eyes "But we are all going to the same church. Arent we?"

Tristan explained "We are... But I want you to come with me... I want you to hold my hand and sit with me in the car and also sit alongside the O'Neils and Giovannis at the church... Is that alright?"

Vienna shook her head "I always sit with my family... My parents wouldnt like that."

Tristan argued "They won't mind... I spoke to your father."

Vienna gasped "You have?"

Tristan nodded as he smiled weakly "Yes. I went to his room just now. He had come out of the shower and was soaking wet. He told me my timing for making requests is like my father. But he said it is ok if you say yes. If you want to accompany me, you are allowed to... So will you come with me?"

Vienna couldnt say no. She found herself unable to refuse him anything when he was looking at her like that and she didnt want to let him down when he was about to go on a long trip after breakfast. So she smiled "Ok..." But she was nervous. Alot of families of allies were persent at the church today. She was always used to sitting with her family.

Tristan offered his hand for her to take wordlessly. Vienna took his hand and Tristan visibly relaxed as he took a deep breath. It satisfied him that his girl said yes to him after so long being away from him. He was worried their relationship could suffer because of this trip but she seemd to still not mind him enough to agree to go to a public place like the church with him and let him hold her hand in public. Tristan smiled and lead Vienna to the exit of the building. He lead her to the car park and one of the black tinted window cars. He opened the door for her to get inside.

Just then, As Vienna got inside, Vincenzo spotted them and called out " Vienna. Where are you going?"

Tristan smiled at Vienna " You sit in the car while I speak to him. Alright?" He then closed the door and turned to the direction of Vincenzo who was standing next to one of the Rosario cars. Tristan shrugged " Your father gave permission for Vienna to accompany me to the church. Do you have any objections?"

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