11.Fighting Spirits & Ambitions

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Letizia was walking side by side Vincenzo towards out of the woods to gardens on a path towards the mansion.

Letizia spoke " You are walking too slow taking your time. Can you walk faster? Also this is not the way Vienna brought me through. Are you taking me elsewhere?"

Vincenzo chuckled " Am I taking you elsewhere? Well, I could, if you want me to. I thought you don't want to date me but it seems like you do?"

Letizia spoke " Don't play around... Answer my question."

Vincenzo put his hand on his heart " Me? Playing around? I am not a player. But I could be if you want me to be... Fine ... Relax... I am taking you back through a different route that's longer. That's all. No tricks."

Letizia spoke " And why is that? Why can't we take a short cut?"

Vincenzo spoke " Well for one I enjoy your company. Secondly, when we return, there is a possibility that you will go complain to your father about me. Then he would complain to my father and my father would most likely ground me for weeks and would skin me alive. I don't think I will see you again any time soon. You see my father grounds me in a different way compared to my siblings. He would put me in solitary confinement and would home school me for weeks. So you won't need to worry about seeing me in school for a while. But when I get back to school after my punishment is over, we will pick up where we left off."

Letizia was looking at Vincenzo with her mouth open " You seem to be so sure of all consequences. How do you know I would tell on you? How would you know what your father would do?"

Vincenzo looked ahead as he was walking side by side Letizia " I just prepare myself mentally for the worst case scenario. Worst case scenarios happen for me when my mother gets involved. So if you want to get me grounded, go to my mother about this to quicken the process. That would guarantee my father's wrath. But I don't mind getting into trouble because of you. I just want to say, you would be worth it. Spending time with you is worth getting punished by my father."

Letizia spoke " Well, you are wrong. I wouldn't tell on you because I like fighting my own battles and don't need your father to fight my battles for me. I also certainly would never bother your mother by informing her what a horrible person you are. You are nothing like your mother. She is popular as the most diplomatic and welcoming woman of her class and yet you are just arrogant, offensive and unbelievably crazy...Someone needs to talk some sense into you......"

Vincenzo laughed " You are changing the subject..... You know ..... I really think you should take advantage of your upper hand. Go tell on me and get me into trouble while you can. I knew you had a phobia of dogs and yet I scared you off with them. You don't get many chances to get me. When you do get a chance you must take it. Because you won't get to top me on anything I bet from now on."

Letizia spoke " Don't be so confident. Don't worry about that. I would get you my way. I don't need adult interference. I fight my own battles. You hurt me and I will make it even with you."

Vincenzo sounded irritated suddenly" Did you just say that I hurt you? You don't know the meaning of hurting when I am the one doing it. I didn't hurt you. I just threatened you to kiss me but I did not try to hurt you. You obviously don't know what I would have done to anyone else if they hit me. I didn't even try to hurt you. If I tried to hurt you, then you would have been screaming right now... "

Letizia shook her head " You are so crazy. First you treat me so roughly and suddenly you are acting in denial."

At that moment the mansion came into view and Letizia wasted no time and kicked the back of Vincenzo's leg making him trip and she sprinted towards the house.

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