36. Talking To Him

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Vienna was nervously walking alongside Tristan from the counter to the exit. Students on their way parted like their life depended on it and others were looking at them alarmingly and knowingly. Vienna sighed. It was crazy how her life had changed. Until then, she was Vincenzo's sister and the untouchable one. Now she was also Tristan's girl. They weren't even going out but students looked at her as Tristan's Queen.

Vienna was really hoping one day things calmed down a bit and other students didn't look at her like they expected to get hurt if they even looked at her wrong. It had become much worse than it used to be. She wanted students to feel comfortable around her but they made sure she was the only one who felt that way. If she walked to a group of boys in the library for instance, they weren't allowed to walk away because that would have been insulting in their view. They didn't want her to feel upset and feel ignored even if they wanted to run away to avoid getting hurt in case they offended her. She really wasn't one to exercise power and influence unlike Tristan and Vincenzo but the other students expected her to for some reason.

As Tristan and Vienna walked side by side outside, Vienna noticed Tristan's side of the basketball team looking at them with understanding at a table. As they reached them, the boys got up and muttered different excuses that they had to go... Excuses ranged from going to library or getting more food to playing games. Most of them went to play baseball in the grounds opposite them.

Tristan spoke "Take a seat." He then put the two drinks on the table.

Vienna nodded and sat down putting down her lunch. She opened her lunch box and grabbed her sandwich as she felt Tristan's gaze on her. She looked up at the excuse of getting her soda to take a sip and almost choked. He was just staring at her of course and he didn't have any food in front of her. She tried to make a conversation "Aren't you eating?"

Tristan smiled. "Eating is not on my mind at the moment."

Vienna asked " So what is on your mind then." She wanted to avoid having silence there. The silence made her nervous and she knew if she didn't talk then Tristan might have. He asked tough questions.

Tristan sighed. He thought to himself "Oh you have no idea what I am thinking...At this moment I just would give anything to taste those lips. Your lips look so irresistible...? Hearing your voice makes my heart burst. You drive me crazy." But of course he couldn't say that . He shrugged "Alot of things...".

Vienna tried again carefully to make a conversation. It was better for her to be the one asking questions than him. She was stuck with him this lunch time "Would you like to try my food. You have can half my sandwich."

Tristan would have never dreamt of taking her food. It was her lunch and he had eaten. As much as he wanted to taste that sandwich that he knew she had made herself, he couldn't. He stated "I have already eaten. Twenty minutes ago I ate..."

Vienna nodded and looked around "I see most people are missing from the team. Have you seen Vincenzo? Has he had his lunch yet?" She was curious where her brother was.

Tristan shrugged "He ate and left with his group. He is busy with something like always." Of course he couldn't possibly tell her that Vincenzo and some of his circle of friends were too busy teaching a lesson to a couple of juniors who had disrespected him in some way during lunch. The juniors probably were screaming their lungs out by now somewhere on the premises. If he told her what her brother was busy doing, then Vienna would have probably lost her appetite. He would have been very cross if that happened.

Minutes past in silence as Vienna was trying to think of what to say. When she was close to him, her mind mostly went blank and his intense stare really didn't help put her at ease.

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