97. A Dance & SleepOver (Part 1)

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Tristan was standing in front of a mirror as he was wearing his shirt. As he was fixing his cuff links he was watching his reflection in the mirror while thinking about everything that had happened recently. He never imagined to be able to call himself Vienna's boyfriend by the time this Friday night party had come around. He never though she was going to say yes to him. But she finally had.

Tristan took a deep breath and he thought back to the moments he had been lucky enough to share with her. He was relieved she had said yes to him. She hadnt given him a kiss but it didnt matter. He could wait. Now he wasnt sure when was the next time he was going to see Vienna after this party tonight. A long business trip was coming up unlike any other. He wondered if his father felt the same before he went on trips. Did he ever feel every glance at people he took could be his last time? That was how Tristan felt. He felt like there were possibilities he was going to not come back at all. But again his father had told him not to worry about death. His father had told him that trips were part of life and he was going to come back a changed man but it didnt mean he was going to change towards Vienna.

Tristan heard Vincenzo from outside "Tristan, what are you doing in there exactly? Dancing with the suit or wearing it? Come out. Will you? We need to go get lunch."

Vincenzo was in a rush to get out of the tailor shop. The boys had ordered suits and were now trying them on. It was rare for them to have parties often so they made the most of any chances they had at having fun. But of course Vincenzo wasnt in the mood. This was a friday afternoon. Their school had finished at lunch time giving them enough time to spend on shopping and having lunch before going to the party at the O'Neil mansion. Clarisa and Trent's birthdays were on saturday so it was a part weekend marking end of half terms exams and the oneil twin birthdays that weekend. But Vincenzo didnt care any more despite looking forward to the event. It was now meaningless to party since Letizia was not going to take part. She was at her home alone while he had to party.

Tristan opened the door and came out wearing the suit "Do you like it Vincenzo?"

Vicnenzo was leaning to the wall looking at Tristan up and down "You are asking me? Shouldnt you be asking this from your girlfriend?"

Tristan spoke "Well she is not here. I would have asked her if she was. Maybe I should try the grey one... Does she like grey? I go in and try the second suit and ask you." He then chuckled to himself as he turned around liking to annoy Vincenzo.

Vincenzo sighed in frustration and spoke firmly "You dare walk in there again, I would smash you up..."

Tristan laughed and turned around "Are you sure about that?... We cant get blood on th suits... Cheer up.... I wont go back in... So all set to go..."

Vincenzo retorted "Good choice." He then walked away leading them outside the shop. The boys were outside slowly joining in a circle in the shopping centre. Vincenzo didnt want to be there. he prefered to be with letizia at her home but of course, he couldnt. His father hd said no. He glanced at his father who was looking over the mall. He sighed. How long was his father going to take before he forgave Letizia? He had no idea.

Francesco was staring at his son from far as he was drinking from his glass. He was looking through the glass walls of one of his offices over his Members Only shopping centre on that friday afternoon. He looked around the the place and now he could see his daughter coming out of a shop alongside other girls as she was busy dress shopping. The girls seemed to be taking a break now sitting next to a set of steps leading to a water fountain as some of them went to get ice cream for the group. He smiled at how satisfied he was at this picture ... His daughter was safe and was allowed to have a normal life or rather a taste of it before she was immersed into life of business.

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