8. Girls Vs. Boys (Part 1)

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Vienna was sitting on the grass next to the lake of the compound studying with Clarisa O'Neil and Vannessa Canavaro. They had come along with their fathers to attend the meetings but were left outside to play because only the boys were allowed to be in the meetings. There were long meetings happening that day. Not only it was time for all top employees of the Rosario empire to report to Francesco Rosario in the morning but allies also held meetings in succession in the afternoon right after the reporting happened. It was now in the middle of afternoon and the girls were revising hard for hours straight. They got along really well together even though some of their siblings didn't.

Clarisa was Emanuelle O'Neil's daughter. Her oldest brother was Tristan and her second oldest brother was Trent. Trent was older by a minute from her. They were twins since their mother had taken medication to increase her chances of her becoming pregnant Sancia had twins. Otherwise twins weren't in their family line like how they were in the Rosario line. They had so much in common with the Rosarios and there was so much competition between the families. That competition had started before their birth and carried on. But Clarisa had no hard feelings towards Vienna at all even though her brothers were rivals to Vincenzo and Viggo.

Vanessa was Georgio Canavaros daughter. She looked like her auntie Georgina alot and had a black belt in karate and the sportiest amongst the trio of her best friends.

Vienna was the academic one with the highest grades in her year and very popular in school. She was in fact trying to shy away from limelight of her high school but it found her no matter how hard she tried to avoid it.

Vienna sighed " I can't believe I am invited to Washington DC to meet the president for my student council achievements. My father won't let me."

Clarisa spoke " You haven't even asked him. How do you know. It's just a dinner with other high achievers from other schools in the White House. It's not like you are applying to work there."

Vanessa laughed " Come on Vienna. Don't worry too much about it. It's months away. Why don't you try to put your mind off it. Why don't you come to self defence lessons with me from now on and do something useful with your time. Your dad may let you go to Washington if you learn to kick."

Clarisa laughed " You mean if she learns to kill...."

Vanessa sighed " I am serious. We need to make our fathers take us more seriously. For crying out loud, your brothers are in meetings and you are not. I want a yes from you now. Are you coming to the evening martial arts club from now on or not? Never mind impressing our fathers. Its good to be part of a club for college applications."

Clarisa spoke " I am student council Vice President and Vienna is president. I don't think we need to join clubs. We have enough studying to do anyways."

Vanessa spoke " Are you scared of a challenge?"

Vienna spoke " But we won't find the time. It's too much commitment and its risky for me. I may not make it to dinner on time if I run late on the way."

Vanessa spoke " The roads don't have traffic in your homes direction. Come on. Just this one week, come along. You may like it."

Clarisa spoke " Fine. But my mother won't like it. She doesn't like it when I stay out late."

Vienna spoke " My mother doesn't either. I guess our parents have boys who are a handful and need us girls at home."

Clarisa looked into distance " Look who is coming this way. Letizia Marciano."

Vienna and Vanessa looked at Clarisa with questioning eyes.

Vienna asked " How do you know her?"

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