23. Forbidden Love

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Viggo was sitting at the back row of his class next to Stefano listening to the lecturer going through some sample exam questions that could come up in tomorrow's geography exam. He was taking notes as he could see the children sitting close to the window whispering. His heart jumped as he heard the students mention a name he hasn't heard in a while.

The teacher sighed " Silence class. Why have you lost focus suddenly? Azurine, what is it?" She was looking at the students who were whispering.

Azurine spoke in a reluctant tone " Sorry Mrs O'Leary. It's just that we saw ... Angelia Ardovini. She just got off a car..."

The lecturer's expression softened " Of course, her mother seems to be doing better in hospital now so we expected her to be back after weeks of absence. Help her catch up with the work all of you." She then carried on teaching. .

Viggo was feeling relieved that Angelia was back. Without her, he had been feeling quite lonely in his lessons. It was quite sad that he couldn't chat with her but still her closeness was enough.

As the teacher started handing out text books for the next task, Stefano turned to Viggo " How are you holding up? Your forbidden love is coming back."

Luckily the class was noisy and students were now busy chatting staring the next task as they were taking out their maps and dictionaries to answer the text book questions in their exercise books. Also the tables around Stefano and Viggo were empty since some students were doing their Spanish oral exams in a different classroom. So no one heard Stefano and Viggo was glad.

Viggo turned to Stefano " Keep it down. Do you want me to get into trouble? Do you want a war to break out?"

Stefano sighed " I can't believe no one knows. Haven't you ever tried telling your father? He may understand. You are his son. If another Rosario did that then they may get into trouble. But this is you."

Viggo shook his head "My father wont understand. He wont have it. Her father is an Andovini and her mother is a Gustavo. Not a good combination."

Stefano spoke "Everyone thinks you will end up with Azurine. Her family are not allies with us, Rosarios but they are not our enemies either. But Angelia is the last person on anyone's mind when they think of who you will ask to the end of year prom. Their nemesis with our family is way too deep. So who will you be asking to the end of year prom then if you wont do anything about Angelia?"

Viggo spoke " No one I guess. I will go alone. I don't want to go with anyone else but her. Who are you asking out?"

Stefano spoke "Daniella Pierreli. It is so easy to hang out with her. We are just friends though..... You know if you ask your father he may say yes. Don't give up."

Viggo looked around as he spoke " I can't do that. My father would punish me for even asking. I am sure. This is serious..... I am not meant to make friends with her."

Stefano sighed " If you ask her out then all those girls that chase you will leave you alone and would stop flirting with you. If you ask Angelia out, then your father may say yes. He wont kill you for asking. You never know. He may say yes and then may sign a peace treaty one day between Rosarios and Andovinis as well as Gustavos."

Viggo spoke "You are too optimistic. Just because your parents got together against all odds, does not mean everyone else would get together if there are problems."

Stefano spoke " Look. I just think you must do something. You have waited long enough. It's been two years now since the start of junior year when you were 12 and you fell for her. You told no one but me and I watched you struggle all this time. Before you know it high school would be over. She may leave this place when she turns 15. You know how this college operates. It's 12-15 in one building with general subjects and then it's 16-18 in in another building where people learn specialised subjects. But some people may not want to specialise here at 16. What if she decides to go to Europe. Some of her friends are filling in application forms for a transfer next year to go to a specialist high school in a particular depending on what they want to study in college. What if she fills in an application for transfer too next year. You don't have long left."

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