121. War Path Challenge

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Vienna was watching Tristan as he was leading her group through a maze. The game had started now and she was in Tristan's group. Why wasn't she surprised? He wanted her everywhere with him. She hoped she didnt make any mistakes. This was a do or die game. Heck, it was even more than a game. This was a power quest. No one was after gaining a win. They wanted to claim they had power. This was a called a war path challenge for a reason. You had to under take a path and to capture as many weapons as possible. The team that captured the most weapons was going to win. But they were armed with guns shooting paint and also airsoft guns. If you shot someone, they became your prisoner and you could do what you wanted with them until their team mates came to release them. A chill ran down her spine at the thought of what Tristan had done to some kids from the Italian team who had been lost in the maze. Once they had come face to face with Tristan's group, they were not fast enough to shoot. So they were shot. Tristan had made them strip to their under wear and had made them to push ups under  a cactus as the needles pireced their bottom's skin. He then had forcefully had taped them to a nettle plant until the Italian team found them but they couldnt use them for their team if they found them since Tristan had shot them with paint. The guys were out of the game but were painfully taped a nettles  as they were being stung making them cry. Tristan had taped their mouths closed too so they didnt shout which was going to make it hard for Vitale and Andreas's team to find them.

Vienna was in awe of Tristan's leadership. He did manage to get their group to find many weapons hidden in the maze. It was a good group exercise. But it was hard to witness the painful punihsments. Tristan was creative too. The next students he found from the Italian team, he made them eat raw chillies making them cry as he shot them with paint and taped them to more nettle plants not gving them water. He was ruthless at times and this was meant to be the mild version of his punishments. Vanessa had whispered to her as she had looked away that this was nothing. Tristan did much worse if she wasnt there. She was being considerate in front of her. He cleaned up his punishing act in front of her so she didnt get upset.

The maze was huge. She couldnt believe how big the place was. They were capturing more and more weapons. Where were the other team? Most likely at the other side. They had designed the game so the two teams did not become face to face easily. One team entered from the entrances from one side of the maze and the other team came from the other entrance. It was impssoble to meet unless you lost your way. The final meeting was going to be in the middle in a clearing where there were trenches and that was going to a war. Once they udnertook the path to war, they faced the war.

Once the group reached the clearing, they didnt sign of the italians at their trenches so they had to wait. Tristan set up white flags on the trenches so it gave bothe teams time to set up. It was a break time. Minutes later Vincenzo's group and other groups on the American team showed up slowly too. The Italian team made an appearance slowly at their trench at the other side of the clearing and they set up white flags too to give them time to refuel and devise some strategies to beat the Americans.

It was no secret to Vienna that more than anything Tristan wanted to capture Letizia. They were going to strike the trench and there was a prize on letizia's head to Vincenzo's displeasure. But Viggo has assured Vienna that Vitale was going to defend her. But heavens knew what Tristan had planned for Letizia behind the trenches.

As the Italians brought down their white flags, the attack started. Andreas managed to get so many people from the Italian team. He was the best shooter amongst them. His gradfather was an assasin for the Rosarios and he had the genes.

As the white flags went up, the Americans retreated and many were captured from the Italian side. Vienna gasped in horror as she saw Letizia. She walked towards the group and watched Vincenzo walk upto Tristan "I need a word."

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