113. His Strictness

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Tristan was training alongside his team at the outdoor basketball court. Vincenzo was training on the opposite one with his group. Tristan was training as he was shirtless under the summer sun.

Tristan was thinking over the events of today. He had arrived few days ago back in New York from the long trip. He had been stock in the exam rooms for hours and hours for days hardly getting the chance to say hi to Vienna and then just in final moments of his last exam she had to pull a stunt that pushed him to the edge of his self control. It was so hard being away from her and wondering if she was safe and sound. Just when he was looking forward to see her she had watched her on that race risking it all.... The bike races were dangerous and she knew it. She had hardly asked for anything from Vienna except for her not carry out certain activities like bike riding that had ridiculous speed. But she couldn't adhere to his request. He was beyond livid when he had found her. He wished she wasn't so looking scared by the end of it but he didn't take chances on her safety and she didn't grasp that sometimes as well as he wished.

He stopped and blew the whistle at his team " Start all over again. You call that press up. Do you? All of you start all over... You have twenty laps after finishing the warm up."

This Friday afternoon was the last day of practice but he wanted to make sure he reminded his team to be fit for the summer. This was a taster of the gruelling exercise that was coming up when school started. He had made the team start all over again mid warm up. They had lost count of how many press ups and sit ups they had done. He was going to make the run laps again and again. Of course the ending was bear crawls across the basketball court until the team had no energy left. He was a strict one in training.

Training went on smoothly and it was close to the end of the session. Just  then as he was doing training he froze as he saw her. He straightened up and watched her beautiful form. There she was staring right at him. She had a lovely dress on. It was for the drama production that happened in the evening. The girls had done the cheer leading last practice and now it was their free time since Vienna had time to do her basketball practice earlier. He had exams so behind in sorting out his team.

His eyes followed her walk to the other basketball court watching her brother training his team. She wasn't looking at him. He was annoyed that she had picked the other team to watch. She had her steward badge on for that sports afternoon so it meant she had to at some point come around to check on the team because it was her duty. When they had half day events of sports the whole school went into sports and extra credit work. She was a steward from heaven.

Tristan carried on practicing but looked over at her. To his delight, she walked to the resources cabin and walked out with a water bottle trolley. She took it to her brothers court and handed the water bottles out as Vincenzo was announcing water break. He knew his court was next. She walked to the cabinet and then he saw as she walked out with the water bottle trolley, she called one of the juniors who were on taster day at the school to come grab the trolley.

Tristan narrowed his eyes at the boy who enthusiastically grabbed the trolley and pushed it towards Tristan's court. Tristan stood at the entrance looking at the boy like he was ready to kill him. They boy looked up and his lips quivered as he saw the menacing look in Tristan's eyes. The junior was half Tristan's size. He gulped " Water for your team, the lady said..,"

Tristan spoke in a harsh tone " Do you have a name kid?"

The boy stuttered " Toby ... Blake."

Tristan asked " There is more of you? What's your relation to Edward?"

Toby didn't think the bulky muscle powerhouse in front of him was fond of his cousin. He spat out the word " Edward." So he whispered " He is my cousin sir.,," He then watched the expression on Tristan's face harden. He automatically said " Sorry sir."

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