65. The House Of Giovanni (Part 2)

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Vienna was sitting in one of the Rosario owned special 7 seater family cars with his parents and her brothers. It was after dinner on a Friday evening after a long day but the night was young. The party at the Giovanni mansion had just started. Their family were one of the last to arrive. Vienna was certain. Her father made sure he spent enough time at the dinner table with his children and allowed everyone in the household to take their time getting ready. He never rushed his family. Nothing and no one was above them. He didn't mind even if the president was waiting for them. To Francesco Rosario, his family were entitled to a life of peace free of pressures from anyone else. The host had dared to mention in the invitation card " Arrive an hour early for security measures". Francesco had frowned at that. Gabriel Giovanni dared order his family what to do. He wasn't having any of that. His wife and children were going to arrive when they were ready. It was a Friday evening after a long day at work.

Francesco had his arm around Adele waist as his children sat opposite him. He kissed her hair and whispered " What time do you want us to leave tonight?"

Adele turned to him " Midnight is fine."

Francesco questioned " Are you sure sweetheart? We don't have to stay if you are tired. When you wish to leave, we would leave."

Adele smiled " I like spending time with the ladies. We can leave as late as possible. Besides, I am not tired. You have increased the number of doctors in our private hospital, so my work has been reduced too.... I think unless the children don't feel too sleepy, we can stay until late midnight."

Francesco kissed the side of her forehead and gave his children a hard stare " I am sure our children will want to leave with you. They are young. They can manage. Can't you kids?"

It was Viggo who nodded first " Sure father. We can stay until 2am when it ends. We are fine."

Vincenzo added " Sure father. If mother wishes it, we could stay up all night."

Francesco caught a note of sarcasm from his older son. But he let it pass. He was sure one day he could understand why Adele's wishes meant so much to him and he didn't ridicule his allowances for her.

Vienna sighed " I think the party ends quite late. I don't even know what they would fill the time with. Clarissa told me there are some surprises tonight. They have a band playing too. I would love to stay and watch if that's the case. The last time their party was so cool."

Francesco smiled at his daughter " I know you like music, princess. So I am getting you a piano next week. Do you want some piano lessons?"

Vienna's eyes sparkled " Wow, thank you father. That's great...,"

Francesco stated " Your uncle Antonio will teach you piano."

Viggo raised an eyebrow " Uncle can play piano."

Francesco stated " Of course. Your uncle Antonio has a lot of hidden talents." He of course didn't like to be the one to remind his children that their uncle Antonio was a womaniser before their auntie Georgina finally said yes to him. While Georgina had been playing hard to get, Antonio had tried every trick in the book to date other women. Learning piano was one of his stunts since the Hollywood actress he was dating at the time loved classic concerts. Everyone knew of Antonio's reputation as having a record breaking number of girlfriends in the past before marriage but others saw it as a strategy to get contacts in the entertainment and fashion industry as well as getting contacts in many crime families. Antonio's contacts mattered later on. Antonio still had more contacts in his phone book than many. His negotiating skills and charm helped him too in making friends. Antonio's skills of course combined with Costanzo's intelligence and his knowledge in law on top of Francesco's flawless leadership to make the Rosario Business Empire powerful.

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