5. Intense Young Rosarios (Part2)

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Vincenzo walked straight to Vienna's room aiming to confront her. He opened the door soundly looking annoyed as he saw his younger brother sitting on Vienna's bed holding a book in his hand facing Vienna who was sitting at her desk. Vienna jumped in her seat and nearly fell off as she saw the expression on Vincenzo's face.

Viggo wasn't surprised at all. He spoke " Hey. We are studying right now. We are testing each other on calculus. Do you want to join?"

Vincenzo slammed the door shut and turned to Vienna " You little spy." He then walked to her slowly. Vienna stood up and put her hands up as she walked backwards " I am not a spy."

Viggo spoke " Woah. Vincenzo back off." He walked to his brother and blocked his path " She is off limits."

Vincenzo's line of vision moved from his sister to Viggo. He spoke bitterly " Your turn would come too very soon. Right after I am done with Vienna, it would be your turn. I would settle it with you in our gym. Stay out of this."

Viggo spoke " What is your problem with Vienna? She didn't say anything to mother. It was mother who complained to father. You are not being fair. Leave her be. Go to study."

Vienna came between the two brothers "Vincenzo. Calm down. i said nothing to mother. She found out."

Vincenzo burst out in a bitter laughter " You are going to beg on your knees for me to forgive you. On your knees now."

Vienna didn't know why she did it. Maybe it was instinct. She felt offended and automatically her hand flew to Vincenzo's cheek and she slapped him. She was horrified at what she had done immediately.

Viggo quickly grabbed Vienna and hid her behind him "She didn't mean it Vincenzo."

Vincenzo had murder in his eyes " She slapped me. I have the right to defend myself. I have an excuse to put her in her place now..... I will teach her a lesson she wont ever forget..... Step aside or I will make you Viggo."

Viggo spoke " Make me then."

Vincenzo was frustrated. They weren't allowed to fight in the bedrooms. Their mother didn't like it if they broke the furniture or messed up the rooms.

Viggo Spoke "You don't want to take it out on Vienna. Come on. She is a girl. You are angry. I get it but .... Don't you want a piece of me? Come and get it."

Vincenzo looked at his brother with narrowed eyes. He took a step towards him and spoke " I want you in the gym in two minutes or I would forget the rules and break your face." He then walked out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Viggo started to walk slowly towards the door but he found his sister in front of him " He had blood in his eyes. He is going to hurt you. Don't go. Tell father to turn off his anger. I am scared. It's all my fault."

Viggo chuckled " Ah. You worry about me? Thanks Vienna but I don't need sympathy. He won't beat me down without a fight. I am not as weak as you think. Just stay here. Don't follow us. It will help him cool off if he gets it out of his system. He is angry that father punished him and then you slapped him. He finds it hurting his ego when father tells him off and then you make him more furious. But I know what I am doing. Let him cool down and then apologise to him." He then stepped around Vienna and walked to the door but Vienna grabbed his arm " Don't go. He has a short temper. He could lose control. He seemed furious."

Viggo smiled " Exactly. He said he would bash up my face if I am not there soon. Vienna don't be difficult. I can take care of myself. Stay here. But keep gripping my hand if you want him to break my jaw."

Vienna reluctantly let go of his arm looking at the retreating form of her brother. She was worried and scared. What was she to do?

Vienna sat down on her bed holding her head in his hands. She hated to see her brothers fight. Mostly they were fighting martial arts style by the rules but every time after Vincenzo was punished or reprimanded by his father he was most dangerous to be around. He normally took it out on someone who happened to be a guard or prisoner but mostly Viggo tried to provoke Vincenzo to take him on instead. Viggo liked that he could get on his brothers nerves. He was no easy target. Viggo was strong enough to stand his ground. He wasn't easy to take down. The brothers spent a long time fighting in the gym until Vincenzo managed to beat Viggo down. Then that was when Vincenzo did most of the damage after cornering his brother after a long fight. Viggo was used to hiding his bruises. Vienna normally took care of it. That was part of the reasons Vienna wanted to become a paramedic one day so she could help patch up her brother who didn't want his mother to see his bruises.

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