87. Actions Have Consequences

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Vienna was contemplating what to say. Tristan had asked her a straight question and he demanded a straight answer. Was she taking him on by challenging his decisions? More importantly did she think she could take him on by arguing with him? She swallowed hard as she thought about the truth. It was true. She was taking him on. But she didnt think it was going to end well if she admitted it at this survival camp. At the camp it was pure madness to take on the superiors. No one took on someone who outranked them unless  they  wanted to have their backside kicked very hard hard and wanted to get humilated with defeat. Because that was what happened if you challenged a superior in open daylight as explicitly as Tristan wanted Vienna to admit.  Vienna knew that Tristan saw her actions as a sign of a challenge. Now he just wanted her to say it. 

Tristan pressed on " Why are you silent Corporal? Is that a yes to both questions? Or do I take your silence as your surrender?" Tristan was just staring into her thoughtful eyes and cherishing that moment. Vienna could look into his eyes now. She was shy but when she was put in situations she put it aside to respond. He liked to make her feel trapped as he had put his hands on either side of her on the wall. This way she had no choice but to look up and face him. There was no escape route. 

Vienna didn't like the word "surrender". Maybe it was her Rosario genes that pushed her to go on and not say the word surrunder that Tristan wanted her to say. But if she admitted to taking Tristan on, there was no way to go back. His stare was now intimidating her so she took a deep breath and tried not to waver as she retorted "These questions can't be answered with a simple yes or no...."  

Tristan raised an eyebrow " So elaborate Corporal.... We have time..." He sounded amused almost.

Vienna gave out a shaky breath as his stare was penetrating into her soul. His stare was cold but from the hint of the smile on his face, Vienna could guess he was amused and he wanted her to make a mistake at that moment. Tristan even smiled when he dealt with people who got into trouble with him. He liked to be challenged so he could retaliate.  She tried hard to compose herself and not get nervous at the prospect of getting into trouble by speaking honestly. She replied as calmly as she could " I think I am allowed to raise my opinion on matters that concern me. This matter is about my safety and I feel I am not threatened. I was attacked. I defended myself. All is well. I need to learn to defend myself. I need to learn to protect myself.... I dont want anyone to get hurt because of me.... If this means taking you on then...." 

Tristan didnt let her finish the sentence and interrupted her " I don't believe that your view warrants defying me and arguing with me. I am your superior..... Let me make this clear... She is not just anyone. She has been pushing it ever since she has arrived. She knows exactly what she is doing. Corporal Marciano will be punished severely for her crimes. No one touches you and gets away with it...."

Vienna cringed at his words. They were harsh and Tristan by the looks of it wanted blood. Tristan sounded more crazy now. She was doing it wrong. She made things worse for Letizia. So she tried to focus on the positive. She cleared her threat " Well, Corporal Marciano got through your defences around this building impressively. I should learn how she did it. She managed to get through without anyone noticing and I think if I was hurt and caught by her, she earned it...." She then stopped talking as she noticed Tristan's expression became deadly.

Tristan stated firmly " I don't think that's a concern you should have regarding how she got in.... She managed to knock out a few of the privates guarding the place because she used a banned weapon at this camp which was a pepper spray. I didn't think she would dare make her way through here .... People did notice her entrance and I was in process of locating her when I heard the commotion here.... She will be dealt with by me... Its my role to deal with her.... I dont think you can defy me for the sake of a rule breaker.... Its not a personal matter that only concerns you... It concerns more people that you think..." He then though to himslef "Damn it... You are my queen... Two families would be working under you.... If any one touches you it concerns me and two crime families... Letizia is lucky to have to only deal with me today and I have not yet decided on involving my father.... and mother...." But of course Vienna hadnt grasped that yet. She hadnt yet fully understood who she was and what her significance was. Only someone as reckless as Letizia ignored her position. 

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