127. The Prom (Part 6)

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Vienna was sitting with the girls in the safe room temporarily the girls were placed at. Vienna knew the wait was over and Tristan had come for her... Vienna had her back to the door but of course with the reactions on faces of the girls she noticed Tristan was coming to her. The girls normally went quiet suddenly as they looked up when he approached vienna. If they said anything that wasnt fit for the queen to hear in Tristan's view the girls were going to regret it. Recently after what Tristan had done to the cycling team the girls were afraid of Tristan more so than even the boys. No one was immune from Tristan. He didnt care if he dealt with girls or boys. They all suffered with no exceptions.

As Vienna saw the horrified and cautious look in the girls' eyes and she saw the king walking towards her.

Vienna wanted to make life easy for the girls so she stood up and walked towards Tristan so they didn't have to be intimidated by him. He seriously had put the fear of god into the girls' hearts with how harshly he had treated the girls cycling team. She hadn't even been hurt on that bike ride but still the team was punished knowing his rules about her not trying extreme sports.

Vienna reached him and stopped in front of him. She looked up into his eyes " Where is Viggo?"

Tristan frowned " I promised to protect your brother. Didn't I? He is safe. He is waiting in my father's office like the rest of the boys until my father makes his entrance...."

Vienna breathed " What about Vincenzo?"

Tristan shrugged " Probably very busy with other matters..." What was he supposed to tell her? That her big brother had thrown a sack on Juliano's head and had tied him to a chair torturing him as they spoke alongside other Rosarios. Vincenzo was going to make the Luciano sorry but not enough. Since Juliano was a guest they weren't meant to hurt him but the Rosarios were going to tell him off and remind him where to keep his hands. He already had a chat with Juliano while he had water boarded him. Juliano had been playing unfairly and deserved to be treated unfairly people ganging up on him. But he knew this was not the last of him. Luciano was a feral creature obsessed with Tiziana. He was dangerous. Only Andreas was the Rosario he could count on. The boys hadn't even told Andreas what they were doing to his girlfriend's brother. Andreas wasn't going to take julianos side but he was going to ask them to be more diplomatic which they were to be honest. This was as diplomatic as they got with someone who had forced a Rosario to kiss him.

Vienna nodded " Ok. Can we girls go back to the party?"

Tristan asked " Do you want to go back to the party? I think not... The marquee outside is about to be set up. Once my father deals with the boys they will be sent out there with girls so we can take some pictures... For now we have time to hang out... That's why I came here to get you,.. To take you for a walk about. Is that ok?"

Vienna nodded " Ok... But I am abit worried about my brothers... what if they hurt each other?"

Tristan took her hand in his " They are on two different sides of this hotel. Trust me. Your big brother won't go after your twin. I had a talk with him up there and when we were ... busy with something else just now. He is leaving it to your father. He doesn't have a choice...." He then lead Vienna away to the door as he held onto her hand.

Vienna was looking down " I am scared... My father would be angry with Viggo...."

Tristan shook his head as he lead her through corridors " Your brother is stronger than he looks. He is stubborn. That's for sure. He is just realising I am on his side and I want to protect you and nothing else. It takes him so long to accept us but finally it happened. Your brother is quite a tough character. Whatever happens he can handle it Vienna... But I have a feeling the issues will be resolved before even your father gets here from his head office... Your uncle Antonio was called in by my mother. Your uncle knows the parents committee at the school. He has the Andovini family in a room negotiating with them. If andovinis have no complaints it should be fine... Even years ago when your uncle was in trouble it was all because he had a womaniser reputation hovering around him even in his teenage days... Andivinis don't have a fight with the Rosario kids. Their fight is with adults. Your brother is no womaniser so according to your uncle Antonio there is no issue... Apparently your uncle told Viggo that the only solution to survive a forbidden relationship is abstinence:.. If you prove you are faithful even your enemy respects you..." He then laughed. "Your uncle Antonio is really a literature major too as well a lawyer. He said in his Romeo and Juliet essay he wrote that if Romeo wasn't unfaithful and didn't have Rosalie's name hovering around him, he would have gotten himself his girl for sure and Juliet would have been handed over to him by his in laws if they thought he was serious... Well... That's how much he thinks faithfulness matters... now he does of course..."

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