83. Her Heavenly Presence

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Tristan was smiling as he was dancing with Vienna. It felt so liberating to be himself. When he was with Vienna now he didnt have to hide his feelings anomore and he had Vienna's father's blessings to date her. He was cherishing every minute. He knew after the weekend he had to go on a business trip and wasnt going to see Vienna for a while. It was hard to predict when he was going to get back. He hoped he got back for the prom.

Just then Tristan frowned as the song finished. It was now time for a break again. Just then as though letting go of Vienna's hand and finishing his dance wasnt enough, he saw his mother walking towards them. Tristan whispered "Here comes my mother... Dont let her upset you..."

Sancia Giovanni approached them "Vienna... You look stunning sweetie..."

Vienna smiled politely "Thank you.. aunt Sancia..." It was outside school so she didnt need to address her as Dr O'Neil or Dr Giovanni.

Sancia offered Vienna a nice bag "Here is a present I got you darling. I hope you like it..."

Vienna took the bag and smiled "Thank you aunt Sancia..." She then proceeded to look inside the bag. There was a wrapped box inside the bag. She took it out and Tristan offered "Let me hold the bag and wrappings for you.

Sancia was looking at Vienna the whole time and it worried Tristan. He didnt like his mother's attention to be on Vienna. His mother was going to be with Vienna alone at times when he went on the trip and he was hoping Vienna didnt witness her vengeful side which was hardest to endure. But again as long as Francesco Rosario was alive Tristan was certain his mother could do nothing to Vienna. His mother didnt dare. Also for many reasons his mother liked Vienna.

Vienna opened the box and gasped "Wow.. Thank you.. This is lovely.."

It was a scarf with gold and diamonds attached to it. It was a formal scarf too that she could use in a party around her neck....

Tristan sighed. When his father's mother had given Sancia a scarf once as gift, his mother had sarcastically been commenting that her mother in law had given her the hideous scarf hoping someone strangled her with it. It was a lovely scarf that his mother never wore... Now here she was giving a scarf to Vienna. Tristan didnt want her to wear the scarf. Then she could hide the pendant she was wearing that he had given her. He liked seeing her wear his pendant that has the O'Neil Crest symbol.

Vienna started wearing the scarf which made Sancia's eye sparkle. Sacnia smiled "I am glad you like it sweetie... You are like mother.... Everything I buy her fits her like a glove...."

Tristan wished his mother stopped pressuring Vienna. As he watched his mother walk away he whispered "You didnt have to wear this to make her happy..."

Vienna was surprised "I ddnt wear it to make her happy.. I like scarves... This scarf is beautiful.."

Tristan instinctively mutterd " No... You are the one who's beautiful..."

Vienna blushed and looked away "Ah.. I should go..." She then walked away.

Tristan followed her "Where are you going?"

Vienna spoke as she walked "I need to put my presents in my room... Lots of people have brought me things for some reason... It always happens when we have a party me and my siblings get gifts..." She then reached a corner of the room where there were so many wrapped gifts piled up on each other.

Tristan offered enthusiastically " I would help you carry them... to your room..." He was a "yes" away from achieving one of his biggest dreams. He had never been to Vienna's room before.

Vienna said "Oh... No.. That would be too much trouble... You are a guest at our home..."

Tristan spoke "Vienna .. I am not a stranger..."

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