125. The Prom (Part 4)

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It was the afternoon. The prom was about half and hour away. The boys and girls had free time until then. Most of the boys and girls were at the lobby attending the cocktail and chocolate tasting reception or watching football and drinking soda in the common room. But Vincenzo and Vitale werent most boys. They were making the most of the time they had for communication and hanging out.

Vitale was standing in the kitchen of Vincenzo's hotel room, hanging out with Vincenzo. He was roasting green peppers and tomatoes in olive oil with salt and pepper for makng his favourite snack before the prom. He didnt like American food very much so he liked to have some food he enjoyed before going to enjoy himself. Vitale had made no secret of not liking American food and went into effort of shopping to make himself some Italian lunch.

Vincenzo was sitting behind the table of the kitchen looking at his cousin.  Vincenzo  looked at the massive piece chorizo on the table "I cant believe you eat this stuff. This is too much. I would just stick with hot dogs."

Vitale turned to him "This is not just any chorizo. This is my favourite. Its better than the hotdogs and burgers you eat here." He then walked to Vincenzo and grabbed it off him. He put it on the chopping board and started chopping up the chorizo.

 Vincenzo sighed as he put his hands under his chin staring at his cousin asking the question he ahd avoided asking  " Vitale... Have you heard from my grandpa? What is he upto?"

Vitale looked up "Uncle Paulo is fine." He then took the chopped up chorizos to the hob and placed them in the pan as he stirred the mixture with a wooden spoon on low heat.

Vincenzo shook his head "You know what I mean... The last time we talked, you said he has plans. Big plans..."

Vitale sighed "I honestly dont know. Its not like he tells me anything. I am not on his good side. He has his meetings with my father. Sometimes he does talk in front of me but he is mad at me."

Vincenzo asked "Why?"

Vitale replied "I am not his ideal nephew. Am I? You know how I told you, Juliano Luciano threatened Tiziana... Well, lets say uncle Paulo wasnt happy with me challenging Juliano to a fist fight for it. Juliano is his perfect image for anyone associating with Tiziana. He told me off for beating the guy up. I didnt even get the chance to beat him properly. It was a pretty even fight and the adults almost caught us so that stopped us that night before we went for it properly. I dont get it. The Luciano men treat women like they are objects. They don't treat women equallly. Our familly is traditional sicilian. We dont involve women in business but we respect women. Lucianos dont do that. Just look at how Juliano approached my sister. He demanded her to go to the prom with him. He didnt ask her out... So uncle Paulo wants me to keep out of it and let Juliano and Scorpious fight it out... My father thinks like him too. They think its a fight between Scorpious and Juliano. How can I not get involved. The guy comes in broad daylight and threatens my sister..."

Vincenzo declared " I agree with grandpa. Dont get involved. Let the Voltilini fight it out. His kind are used to fighting for women who isnt theirs..."

Vitale turned around " Are you saying you approve of Juliano? Come on... You cant garee with uncle paulo on this."

Vincenzo shrugged "I don't think anything good can come out of a Voltolini coming onto your sister."

Vitale sighed as he left the pan to heat up the ingredients as he walked to the table and put his hands on the edges lenaing over the chair towering over Vincenzo "Come on Vicnnezo... The Voltolinis are not as bad as you think... Ambrogio Voltolini made a mistake.. He messed with your father... He is now no longer a threat... Scorpious also shouldn't be judged because of who he is related to...."

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