34. The Aftermath

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Letizia was sitting in a classroom having her head on her desk with her arms shielding her face waiting for her exam that started in half an hour and of course thinking about everything that had happened and everything that could happen to her. For the first time in a very long time tears had come to her eyes because of her ordeal. She looked up and sighed. She wiped her tears as she looked at the boys at the door guarding her and Stefano even had brought her a water bottle to make her feel better. She smiled at Stefano who was leaning to the wall opposite her and she took a sip from her water bottle.

When Letizia had come down stairs, she had broken into tears and Vincenzo had seen her. He had started questioning her as she was coming down the stairs and she had refused to say anything. Then when Alton, Sebastiano, Nick and Joshua, had come past, they had gladly told Vincenzo what had happened. Vincenzo had become distraught and worried. Letizia had never seen Vincnezo like that before. He had insisted to take her to a nearby classroom until he sorted the issue out. He had called the other Rosarios, Alexander, Stefano and Viggo to guard him in that classroom. What had baffled her was that he hadn't called Cain. He didn't trust him even if he was living with his uncle while his parents were resolving whatever issues they had and one day were going to come and pick up their son from Costanzo Rosario who had been safe keeping their son. Surprisingly according to Vincenzo, Cain was on Tristan's side.

Vincenzo had been so urgent and distraught and she hadn't let her argue. He had literally had dragged her to that classroom. He had muttered as he had left "He will get you if he wants to. I need to find him now. If he comes before I get to him, the guys would hold him up."

To Letizia it didn't make sense why Vincenzo cared for her, but at that instant since he had acted so urgent and sincere she hadn't argued and had gone along with his orders to stay in that classroom.

Suddenly she heard his voice who ordered harshly "Leave now guys. He wont hurt her for what happened today. He wouldn't take it further. He gave his word."

Letizia hiccupped as she sobbed with her head on the desk and heard him close the door. His steps echoed through the room seemingly meaning he was walking towards her.. "Letizia... Are you alright." he whispered softly.

Letizia sobbed as she had her head on the desk. Throughout her life, she had never been so scared in her life. She had made an enemy out of Tristan and his murderous stare was haunting her. She knew she was dead in a heartbeat if Tristan demanded it. She knew he was going to push her to suicide if he wanted to. She had heard about Tristan enough from Alton who she knew from her old school in Italy. He had told her stories of Tristan. He was dangerous and she had crossed him. She was so shaken up at the experience of having him direct his hate and deadly intentions at her. She knew he was capable of killing her if he wanted to and the only one who could protect her was Vincenzo. She had never felt this way before. Finally she had gone too far. She had messed with the wrong boy. Ironically, it was Vincenzo who had come to her rescue. She never wanted to be around Vincenzo and found him annoying but now she was so grateful for his existence. She kept reliving what situation she was in ever since her encounter with Trsitan. He was going to torture her and would have made her scream. That was his specialty according to Alton. She sobbed again.

Vincenzo put a hand on her shoulder "Shh. It's ok. I went to speak to him. He wont hurt you for taunting him today... You are safe... for now... Stop crying.... It will be alright.... But come on Letizia you should know better than to taunt him. Are you crazy? I can't protect you against him like how I would like to. I can only protect you in school and that's if i am at the scene or reach there on time if you offend him. I can't protect you well off site of school since you are not a Rosario and I can't therefore involve my father. I really can't protect you properly. I can only avenge you if he hurts you again but I can not stop him from hurting you if he wishes it." He pulled up a chair opposite her and sat down as he rubbed his hand gently on her arm as she still had her head on the desk. Then he continued "He said he would forget about how you offended him today but he won't hold back next time... The next time you taunt him, he would do much worse than what he promised to do today and if I am not around he would carry out his threat instantly and successfully. No one can do anything if he wants you hurt Letizia. No one. But I will declare war on him if that happens. I told him if he ever hurts you, I would declare war to defend your honour ... but what's the point of that Letizia. I don't want you hurt. Please don't take him on again. I can't protect you. You are not a Rosario..."

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