114. Touching His Heart

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New York ( Rosario mansion)

It was a Friday night. It was the night before the prom. Vincenzo was leaning against the porch pillars of his father's mansion watching the guards getting the cars and security arrangements ready to take his belongings and his siblings' suit cases to the hotel where the prom was going to be held the following night.

It had been a few days since Vincenzo had returned from the long trip and Vincenzo mostly had seen nothing but the walls of the exam rooms in the past few days ever since he had returned. He looked forward to the start of the summer holidays and the prom weekend. The students from the two O'Neil schools in America and Italy were going to the same prom due to the low number of girls who were enrolled at the schools. So it was going to be a fun weekned at an O'Neil hotel hanging out with his cousins, Vitale and Andreas alongside others. Vitale and Andreas had arrived hours ago in New York and were ready for the prom at the O'Neil hotel too. 

Vincenzo watched his siblings walk out. That was the signal to leave so he made his way towards them.

The siblings silently got into cars and drove away under heavy security to the most luxurious O'Neil hotel in New York.

Vincenzo asked Viggo " Who are you taking to the prom?"

Viggo shrugged " No one." Of course it hadn't slipped Vincenzo's mind to keep asking him. His brother wanted him to have a date but he wasn't budging. Angelia was his prom date but course there were complications. He didn't think it was the right time to come out. But he was going to have a dance with her away from the watchful eyes of those around him.

Vincenzo asked " Are you not even going to try to get yourself a girl?"

Viggo replied " Not really. I am not a first born heir like you... I don't need to rush." He then winked at his brother as he had reminded him that he was relaxed as the little brother.

It was true Viggo had less pressure on him. Vincenzo stated " Don't get so comfortable. Father gave you similar tasks to mine on the trip. If you think you are safe and sound from the leadership role, think again."

Viggo frowned "I guess..." He couldnt argue with that. His father had other plans for him but he was hoping he was wrong. Since he counted on himself to have a minor role in his father's business as a civilian lawyer he hoped for higher likelihood of Angelia to be accepted one day by his family. People ruling on the top of an organisation were seen as role models. They had to set an example. What message did it send if he was Vincenzo's right hand man and was dating the enemy. He wanted a lawyer role like his uncle Costanzo and not like his uncle Antonio who was his father's second in command. He was certain if his uncle Costanzo wasnt who he was, then he wuldnt have been able to marry the woman he was married to right now.

Vienna could feel Viggo was not happy. Something was bothering him. She wanted to ask but then they had arrived at the gates of the O'Neil hotel compartments. The place was massive and it was a high security luxurious set of apartments reserved for criminals and Hollywood A-listers.

For the prom, a lot of special arrangements were in place. Girls and boys were in separate buildings and the prom was also in a separate special party floor in a separate building where the parents of the students where mostly going to drop by by choice. The Rosario children were sure their parents were going to show up tomorrow night for the prom in the building to check on them but for now they were free to mingle.

Vienna separated from the boys and went to the girls building as Viggo and Vincenzo made their way to the hotel building where the boy's rooms were located.

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