49. Teenage Drama

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Vienna entered the drama studio after she had a few glasses of water and got some fresh air. As she walked back in the massive studio, she saw her brother and Tristan on the stage. She heard Tristan asking to act out the scene again. She cringed. She had opposed that scene for a reason. She couldn't stand the thought of her brother and Tristan to fight even if it was on the stage. She was contemplating to leave the studio again and come back when the scene was over. She was at the door so no one had noticed her as all students were looking to the stage. She watched in horror as Viggo and Tristan started circling each other as the scene started. Her heart was in her throat. She didn't like what she saw at all. She covered her mouth as she felt sick. She knew this was just a drama production but still she found the scene unbearable to watch. She watched as the two boys got closer. Just as the scene was about to start, the most unlikely person shouted " Stop." It was Vincenzo.

Azurine turned to Vincenzo " Why do you interrupt?" She then added her next sentence as she saw Vincenzo frowned at her tone " Well, I am sorry but we must rehearse. Would you explain why they should stop ... If you don't mind please."

Vincenzo gave her a hard look and stood up taking Letizia's hand in his " My scene is next and I don't have patience. Tristan proved his point. Now it's our turn. We only have 45 minutes."

Azurine didn't like facing off Vincenzo even though she disagreed. Watching Viggo on the stage was a treat for any girls in the room. The girls in the studio didn't look happy as she announced " Fine. Next scene. Thank you Viggo and Tristan."

Tristan walked off the stage and hit Vincenzo's shoulder as he got off the stage on his way "Since when are you so passionate about performing arts?"

Tristan had a point. Vincenzo always made fun of drama and only did it because he could and because it had good credits attached helping his scores.

Vincenzo hit his shoulder harder to his. " Since when my preferences have become a concern of yours?" He then walked past him as he lead Letizia to the stage.

Vienna took a breath of relief and walked to her seat smiling at Tristan who also took the seat opposite her. As he saw her smile at him all his frustrations evaporated. He sat down with content next to his girl watching the drama but of course Vincenzo had to make a statement of his own. Just as he was acting and Trent came on the state, Vincenzo punched him hard in his stomach even though it wasn't part of the scene. His message was clear. If Tristan beat up his little brother, Vincenzo was going to after his little brother. Out of the people in the room, Vincenzo must have been the only one who knew he hadn't acted and it was real what had happened. Vincenzo and him had spent hours and hours training together for years in their school clubs. They knew each others moves like the bank of their hands. That was part of their rivalry. Tristan was also protective of his family members like Vincenzo. However, in Tristan's view, Vincenzo took protectiveness and turned it into control too. He was a total controlling maniac in every way and his treatment of his family was no exception.

Azurine stood up and objected " Vincenzo that wasn't part of the scene."

Vincenzo chuckled darkly " Oh really? Just because he is now your dancing partner doesn't mean you should give him special treatment. You should add this to the script. I think it fits. This is a west side story adaptation. "Don't you think it's fitting to have more fight scenes?"

Azurine sat down " I am not convinced its a good idea. Go on now. Continue rehearsing .., please." Of course she had to be polite even though Vincenzo didn't deserve it for changing the script.

Vincenzo nodded " Fine. I will convince you." He then carried on with his lines and again hit Trent later on making Azurine sigh in frustration. " I will consider it Vincenzo. Please don't change the script again."

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