78. Strictly Forbidden

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Vienna held her breath waiting for his verdict. Tristan didn't seem happy. He was not impressed with her ignorance of the rules. She gave out a shaky breath " I am sorry..."

Tristan raised an eyebrow " Sorry doesn't fix anything private Rosario. Follow me." He then walked away towards the training grounds.

Vienna nervously followed him. He walked quite fast making her almost sprint behind him. She walked past the other students who were still doing warm up wishing she hadn't finished so early.

As Tristan reached his office and opened the door " After you, private Rosario."

Vienna walked in and approached his desk. She stood in front of his desk and waited for him to address her. Vienna felt him standing behind her. His voice came as a whisper as she felt his presence behind her " Red or blue. Which one is your favourite?"

Vienna gulped " I don't know...." She wanted to ask why he was asking that question but she didn't dare to question him and add to her crimes.

Tristan chuckled " So I choose for you... It's red then." He then walked around her " Let me do the honours then... May I?"

Vienna gasped as she noticed what he meant. He had a badge in his hand. A corporal badge. He gently proceeded by putting it on top of her shoulder. He then reached in his pocket and took out a red bracelet made out of red velvet in his hand. He was promoting her to corporal position and he was placing her in his group. He gently took her hand in his and wrapped the velvet around her wrist as he smiled " Vincenzo is not going to like that you are in my team. His own sister not choosing his team... But that's life."

Vienna almost smiled too. The red and blue were official team colours of the survival camp. When you were a regular private then anyone could pick you  but now she was a corporal she was in team Tristan until the end. This was not so significant unless the end of year came along. The end of year was special because the teams fought against each other in a paint balling like war. She was on the O'Neil team. Not Rosarios.

Vienna looked up at Tristan with questioning eyes. She didnt udnerstand why he was promoting her. She asked "May I ask a question sergeant?"

Tristan finished tying the red velvet bracelet aroud her wrist. He then stepped away and looked at Vienna as he put his hands behind his back towering over her "Go ahead Private Rosario."

Vienna wasnt meant to question him but she was curious. She asked carefully "Why do I get a promotion? I was climbing walls... Shouldnt I be getting a sanction?"

Tristan took a step closer to her and looked into her eyes making her want to look away as his stare was on her. But she tried to endure his gorgeous eyes. She couldnt believe how she felt attracted to him. Maybe she wasnt too afraid of him now. Maybe she now fancied him more than she feared him. She blushed.

Tristan spoke in a serious tone "Would you like a sanction Corporal Rosario? I can surely arrange that."

Vienna shook her head vigorously "No... Sergeant ... I ... was just curious... Why did I get promoted and not other girls who are better than me"

Tristan shook his head and thought to himself "No one is better than you. Trust me... You are perfection...." He then explained "You have collected enough points to get promoted and today you finished the series of warm ups and obstacle courses in record time. My sister is next in line but that wont happen until next year. She missed some sessions at the begining of the term due to illness so you are the only one getting promoted to corporal position amongst the girls this year. I dont think Private Canavaro wouldreach enough points because her strength is exceptional but her stamina needs improving... As for Private Marciano... well, she joined us quite late and hasnt got enough points....  She is not even in school today... Not yet... Did I answer your question fully?"

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