124. The Prom (Part 3)

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Vincenzo was in his room getting ready for the prom. All boys were going to wear suits from the same designer. All boys had recieved free suits for the prom which was sponsored by a well known designer house that collaborated with O'Neil enterprises. The designers were smart. They knew they could be poviding service to their future customers if they made an impression. They kept offering Vincenzo fashion advice while taking care with every detail.

Vincenzo declared as the designer was fixing his cuff links "I have got this now. You can go."

The designer was fixing every detail "No sir. Its a pleasure to serve you. Dressing your figure deserves attention. Your figures matches the figure of an olympian sir?"

The other designer who was helping him nodded "Yes sir. Have you considered taking part in the olympics and beating the soviets?"

Vincenzo rolled his eyes. Vincenzo couldn't believe all the compliments these designers were throwing at him. He wasnt used to praise. He only lived with criticism. There was nothing to gain from praise.

Vincenzo demanded " Remind me who you are related to ..."

The designer standing away from him replied "The O'Callaghan family. We dress the Irish families as a result. Our sister married an O'Callaghan."

Vincenzo sighed "I figured as much... Niall must be getting alot of attention. You spent time with him before you showed up here."

The designer shrugged "He was keen to get ready sir.... You should wear navy blue... It brings out the colour of your eyes out..."

Vincenzo was getting impatient "Maybe I dont want the colour to come out... I just want to finish this dressing up session.  Can you arrange that?"

The designer walked around him and started to inspect the back of his coat "Sir. We will finish very soon. The girls havent arrived at the hall yet. There is time..." He then came around him and asked "Can I offer you a silk black tie or you prefer bow tie?"

Vincenzo replied sarcastically " Surprise me."

That made the designer happy. He quickly walked to his suitcase and took out a silky looking tie "This matches your figure well. Such muscular body needs a special tie to go around the neck."

The other designer suggested "I couldnt agree more James. Give him a navy one to try...."

Vincenzo gave him a look "No. I prefer black, John." These guys were giving him a headache with all their unnecessary compliments but they were related to Niall O'Callaghan so he tried to endure them longer than he would have otherwise. He was close to kicking them out by force though. The designers lived in a difefrent world.

James went on "Almost finished. May I interest you in some final tips..."

Vincenzo replied "You may not. I need a soda." He then walked away towards the drinks table in his room.

James turned around looking ar Vincenzo "I have to tell you sir.... You have such oily skin that provides a natural defence barrier against dryness. But the use of cucamber extract or Aloe Vera can help make your skin feel refreshed every day. Would you like some sir?"

Vincenzo turned around and gave him a what the hell look as he opened his can  "No. I am in no need of no extract or hand cream... Goodbye James. You may leave."

As James walked away towards the door, Paul walked towards him " Sir, may I take a look at your necklace. I think you mustn't hide it under the shirt. Let me put it out."

As Paul reached him and was about to lift his hand up, Vincenzo grabbed his wrist and threatened " You will turn around and leave now. Alliance or not, no one touches my cross. I give you three seconds to leave. Then I would make sure you have some limbs missing when you leave." He had enough of their intrusiveness by now.

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