63. The Heirs Plotting

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Vincenzo was making the most of his time with Letizia as he was watching her make him a sandwich. He was as picky as he could be driving Letizia insane. He kept changing his mind about the toppings and Letizia was losing her patience. Vincenzo ordered her to make a sandwich for him and also he chose the toppings for the sandwich he ordered her to make for herself.

As they reached their table and sat down, Vincenzo smiled at her, "ladies first. Why don't you try the sandwich you made for yourself?"

Letizia pushed her plate away " I am not touching this. I don't eat these kinds of toppings. Who eats all these toppings together?"

Vincenzo stated " Welcome to America. These toppings are normal here."

Letizia crossed her arms over her chest " Some Americans are crazy then. Who eats, three different types of cheese together with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, mint sauce altogether and ...."

Vincenzo shrugged " Try it."

Letizia stated " No, This is too much... I will die if I eat all this. When we make pizza even in Italy we have one topping. That's it. Who eats all these ingredients in one go in one sandwich?"

Vincenzo chuckled and picked up his sandwich and took a bite while looking at her with amusement. As he finished eating his first bite, Letizia sighed " Why are you eating so slowly? You are doing it on purpose..."

Vincenzo shook his head " The sandwich tastes nice. I like to remember it." That wasn't entirely true. The sandwich did taste nice but also Vincenzo liked to annoy her for longer and liked the idea of sitting opposite her like a date even though it wasn't a date. This was about a lost bet and she was forced to sit with him till the end.

Letizia huffed " I can't wait to get out of this place. End of term comes and I am gone."

Vincenzo froze " Wait.. What? You are leaving for Italy again?..." His tone turned hard.

Letizia sighed " I meant for holidays. I am spending the summer in Italy with my grandparents. My parents are going there for one week and have to come back for business because their business head quarters is now in New York but I want to come back in September."

Vincenzo didn't like the idea of her leaving the country " You are not leaving this country.... Not a chance." He then took a bite of his sandwich with looking at Letizia with a disapproving expression.

Letizia was outraged. She couldn't help laugh bitterly " What do you mean I am not leaving? I am going on holiday where I want. I need some peace and quite from this country. It wasn't enough my parents sent me to American school in Milan so I get into  a top American college but that brought me here too. I don't like it here. The egos of guys are so big."

Vincenzo frowned " Who's ego is high? Name anyone except Tristan and I who make you feel threatened and I will sort them out for you. There are no excuses. You are staying here for  the summer. I asked my father if he could arrange for you to have internships where I do for summer and he said he will organise it and let your father know. You can't leave the country. Never again unless I come with you. I could come with you for a week or two maybe to Italy. I have other things to do other weeks..."

Letizia pointed her finger at him " Are you serious? Are you telling me that I should take you with me to meet my grandparents in Italy you mean? Not a chance. You will freak them out..."

Vincenzo stated " Your father likes me."

Letizia sighed and pressed her lips. Her father indeed liked Vincenzo before meeting him. His family was invited to their home. Her father didn't just welcome just anybody to his dinner table but Rosarios were more than welcome. She whispered " He loved your present and not you,"

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