68. The House Of Giovanni (Part 5)

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Vienna was watching the fire works organised by the Giovanni family in the front gardens of the mansion. She was standing in a balcony with the other girls watching as she saw her parents were in the garden grounds talking to other adults and drinking. It was almost midnight. She was glad they were allowed to stay longer. She enjoyed the party after a long week in school full of most of her exams.

Once the fireworks finished, Clarisa suggested " Should we go somewhere and play a game."

The other girls nodded and shrugged. Clarisa lead them down corridors " Let's go to my room that I use when I stay with my grandparents."

As they were walking behind Clarisa, Vienna became mesmerised by the decorations in the corridors. There were plenty of family portraits. A lot of pictures included Tristan from the time he was a baby to his high school days. In all pictures, his grandfather was always there next to him standing proudly. Vienna didn't see any pictures with Tristan's father. They really hated him. However, Vienna managed to find one picture of Tristan next to his father. It was a family portrait. The O'Neil family and Giovanni family were there. Tristan's grandpa O'Neil was at his one side and his grandpa Giovanni at another side. She didn't know how they were managing to gather together. That was rare.  Clarisa told her sometimes her father invited both sides of the family to his home without telling them who was coming and then the two families had to endure each other.

She smiled at his next picture. A handsome portrait. Tristan was standing with his air of authority and elegance around him in a recent picture. She couldn't stop looking. at his image.

She then suddenly heard his voice from behind her "You like this picture?"

Vienna turned around startled looking at Tristan as she put her hand on her hear  " Oh, you scared me." She then looked around. She was not in the corridor anymore. As she had been looking at the pictures she had taken a bend into a large room full of paintings and portraits " Where are the girls? Are they gone?"

Tristan thought to himself " You make me jealous of girls when they spend time with you and I don't. I never thought it was possible ... to be jealous of girls with you." He smiled " The girls are gone. Yes." He was glad the girls were gone. Now he had her all to himself.

Vienna smiled back nervously " I should go..." She then side stepped Tristan who was looking at her with amusement. She walked past him and then realised the entrance was the other way as she just saw walls all around where she was standing. She turned around and looked at Tristan who was standing in direction of the door. She walked slowly towards him. As she was a step away from him about to walk past him, he stated " Don't go yet... can we talk?"

Vienna breathed " Your sister is waiting for me with the others...."

Tristan stated " They will manage."

Vienna decided it was not the time to speak to him. Being alone with him made her nervous and she fancied him at the same time. It was not a good combination. While they had been dancing she could feel her cheeks heating up. It felt so hot to be so close to him. Now she though she had enough contact with him for one day. She reminded herself who he was.

So Vienna shook her head " I need to go find your sister and the other girls."

Vienna walked past him and approached the door. To her relief he didn't stop her. She walked alongside the corridor trying to find Clarisa's room. She heard his footsteps behind her. She stopped and turned around " Are you following me?"

Tristan shrugged " They have changed the decorations and have moved some rooms around... I don't want you to get lost. My grandpa's mansion is massive."

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