57. Military Disciplinary Moments

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Vienna was running across the basic route focused on jumping the obstacles. She was finding it pretty easy. She wanted to try the intermediate obstacle course that the other year group above her were trying like Letizia and Vanessa. But of course she knew she wasn't allowed to ask her superiors anything. She was ordered by Tristan to just focus on going through basic training and she wasn't allowed to question it. She didn't want to get a strike. The survival class was ruled like military or even stricter. As she finished the obstacle course, she made her way in line to the stairs that were placed in a hill like structure. She ran upstairs and downstairs. As she was walking down she saw him watching her with his hands behind his back overseeing the camp. She looked down quickly. She wasn't sure even being distracted and looking around was around.

Vienna knew she had to focus. It was part of the rules. Dreadful consequences awaited anyone who wasn't taking it seriously. The past half term, it was easier to go through it without noticing Tristan. Since she had no idea he liked her. But now that she did, she couldn't help glancing at him. The second time she went up the stairs and came down, she found it harder to not look at him. She couldn't even help smiling and biting her lip nervously as she felt him just staring at her. She looked down and came downstairs.

Just then as she turned to go up again, she heard him " Private Rosario. Report to me." She trembled. She was the only private Rosario. Stefano, Alexander and Viggo were Corporals after scoring so high. She turned and looked at Tristan who hadn't moved from his spot. She took a deep breath and walked to him. She stood in front of him in military stance not looking at him " Yes. Sergeant." She couldn't help smile. It was hard not to. Alot had changed between them. She liked the fact that she didn't have to look at him in the eye out of respect and was looking past him. It was good excuse to not meet his gaze and not melt down.

Tristan took a step closer to her and she felt his breath brushing against her cheeks as he leaned closer. That made her heart race. He demanded " Look at me Private Rosario."

Vienna looked forward at his chest and Tristan found it cheeky of her. He spoke in a harder tone " I meant meet my eyes."

Vienna looked up nervously and not her lip " Yes Sergeant O'Neil". Saying his name made her feel breathless.

Tristan had a thoughtful look in his eyes. " I saw you being distracted Private Rosario. Why were you looking around?"

Vienna gulped and looked away " I am sorry sergeant. It won't happen again."

Tristan reminded her " Did I ask you to look away?"

Vienna looked up into his eyes that only held held intensity " Sorry."

Tristan raised an eyebrow " I didn't ask you to apologise. You did not answer my question. I don't ask twice."

Vienna took a deep breath and stated " I was looking at ... you sergeant."He had caught her. She blushed and looked away.

Tristan shook his head " Private Rosario, look up."

Vienna looked up " Sorry."

Tristan had a playful glint in his eyes that worried Vienna " You were looking at me?  So you admit you were distracted?"

Vienna breathed " Yes Sergeant." She then couldn't help smile nervously.

Tristan put his hands on his hips " Is there something funny Private Rosario? Why are you smiling?"

Vienna gulped " Sorry"

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