128. The Prom (Part 7)

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Francesco was laying on a massive three seater sofa watching a film while Adele was laying next to him in his arms. Adele had a bowl of pop corn next to her as she was watching. She ate from the pop corn bowl as she felt her husband's hands on her tummy rubbing it slightly making her chuckle as she was ticklish. She shook her head "Francesco... Stop playing with my tummy. I cant concentrate on the movie."

Francesco gave her a teasing smile "Thats the idea sweetheart. No one watches movies to understand the hollywood nonsense thats censored anyways... Come on sweetheart. Which couple acts like the one in this movie. Its all censorship. This is what hollywood wants us to believe. Hollywood doesnt want us to acknolwedge how our own wolrd is more excitinga than the one they have created... Our lives are less predictable, more suspenseful and we call it reality.... But people go to cinema to live their fantasies or so they say. I prefer my fantasy with you right now holding you in my arms over watching some censored version of a life of a couple..."

Adele sighed "Francesco... I still like movies..." She turned towards the televsion. Francesco saw things in a different way. There was a one year age gap between them but she felt sometimes they lived in a different world.

Francesco ran his hands on her up and down her waist.  "You feel abit cold. Do you want me to warm you up?..."

Adele shook her head "No. I am not cold..." She then focused hard on watching the movie.

Francesco started planting kisses on her neck " The mother of my children... I love you so much..

His breath on her skin made her tremble just like always. He may have been older now. He was in in his 40s... But he had the same heart. She still felt the same butterflies in her stomach when he made her feel like the only woman in the world. She was his woman. To the whole world she was a ordinary middle aged, working mother. But to her husband she was an empress and he was a roman empepror who ruled his kingdom with an iron fist but he didnt bring his work home. He hardly ever did unless he had to. She tried not to think about his business. She hoped he could leave. But if he left, she was dead. Her children could be dead. Francesco was the protective shield for her family. If he fell. If he didnt protect his family against rivals and enemies, they were all dead. It was a sad truth that she had learnt over the years but she didnt like to acknowledge often. It scared her to feel so helpless. There was no way out. Not yet. Her husband had warned her that this was a new era of mob war with the authorities and anyone who survived the war could have peace. If they survived, their children could have less worries about where they walked and who they talked to. But now it was an era of mistrust, suspicion, battle and caution.

Francesco whispered in a huskey tone making her shake out of her thoughts "Are you ignoring me sweetheart? You dare ignore your husband?"

Adele smiled "I am not ignoring you...I am watching the film...?" She then turned around " Do you want some pop corn..."

Francesco took the bowl from her and put it on a side table above his head as he narrowed his eyes "No. I dont need any pop corn when I have you..." He then planted kisses on her jawline and cheeks.

Adele glanced away "Francesco... We are watching this film and when it finishes we can do... something else..."

Francesco sighed "Sweetheart. What do you see in this movie.. Its all a censored pack of lies. read a book instead of this. Films are all lies and unrealistic censorship. What kind of a man act like this guy? Look at him. He brings in flowers to his woman and then just stands at the door while the woman puts the flowers in the vase and then she brings him coffee. All he says is "Thank you darling"... Seriously? They dont even have kids in the house and they act like this... Well, even now with our bundles of joy in their rooms we manage to do alot more than this when I bring you flowers and want us to unwind. This is just nonsense. Dont tell me you call this movie entertainment. That is not what I did when I brought you flowers especially before we had kids and I didnt have to check the rooms...."

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