80. Rosario Mansion

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Francesco was back home now. He was sitting in the kitchen having gelato that his wife had provided. He knew something was wrong and something was bothering Adele. But he of course didn't say anything in front of the children. When Vienna, Viggo and Cain left the kitchen for the living room to watch TV, Francesco found the opportunity. He got up and walked to the kitchen window and closed it.

As Francesco turned the key in the lock and made sure the door was closed he heard Adele from behind him "Would you like some food or wine? Dinner is quite later today because our guests can't make it any earlier..."

Francesco put the key in his pocket and turned around " Sweetheart, the gelato was enough... but I might want something else...."

Adele raised an eyebrow " What is it you want?"

Francesco walked to Adele slowly and without warning embraced her. He then picked her up making her gasp. He gently put her down on the kitchen counter. He then put his hands on the kitchen counter. He was facing his wife at eye level. He leaned close and brushed his lips against hers " I might want a taste of your lips... As I always say it tastes sweeter than any gelato."

Adele sighed " Francesco ... now is not the time..."

Francesco stated " Since when do I need a specific time to have a kiss?"

Adele looked away " Since our daughter is being hunted by someone ..."

Francesco touched his forehead to the side of her head " Sweetheart ,.. Tristan is an O'Neil... He is not just someone. He is not a stranger... He is not hunting our daughter ... He already has caught her ... But he is honourable... Don't worry about our daughter... She can manage ... She is stronger than you think..." He then started planting kisses on her neck as he whispered " She will be fine... Let it go sweetheart..."

Adele closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then opened her eyes " She will always be a prisoner ... She will never be free if she gets together with Tristan... You can't let this happen ..."

Francesco stopped kissing Adele and slowly pulled away as he stared into Adele's eyes "This is the 1970s sweetheart. Women have civil rights that they couldn't dream of back in our day... The world has changed... Our daughter would never be anyone's captive. She is free.... I didn't spend so much time and energy into building this empire for my daughter to lose her choices... She would have choices you never had... I assure you Adele... Tristan will protect our daughter ... I know he will. The young man is honourable... O'Neil has not raised a disappointment. Tristan is a leader ... He is a man of honour in the making sweetheart ... Have faith in our daughter to make the right choices..."

Adele looked into Francesco's eyes with pain " She is too young for this ..."

Francesco sighed " For what sweetheart? For going out to cinema to share pop corn with Tristan? We must let our daughter have a teenage life like other girls... Tristan knows the rules. He is better with rules than our own son ... which reminds me ... where is Vincenzo?"

Adele whispered " With Cristina in his room..."

Francesco was surprised " He has taken Cristina to his room? What about Letizia?... "

Adele spoke " As you said... they might be sharing pop corn ... why worry?"

Francesco smiled sadly at Adele " Sweetheart ... I know you want our daughter to date a normal average kid but that option is not available at the moment... Our daughter is happy ... Do you really wish she was going to the prom with someone else? Who would you trust with our daughter if you don't trust Tristan? Tristan knows his boundaries and Emanuelle has drilled into him how to behave ... He respects our family... Would you want some normal kid to ask our daughter out who can't protect her and might not even respect Vienna and her family? That is not the best idea..."

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