105. Belonging

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It was a few hours into the party and Tristan still hadn't had the chance to speak to Vienna. She was sitting with her family in a corner around a table and hadn't left her father's side all night. He didn't want to disturb her moment with her family. By the looks of it she was attached to her father and had missed him dearly over the last few weeks that they had been away. But of course he could understand that. Clarissa who didn't show much emotion did show that she had missed their father a lot. Just as he was staring her, he did notice she looked up at him and then looked away. He gave out a sigh of relief. She did notice his existance at least. She hadnt forgotten what they had. Or rather he hoped.

Tristan had no idea how badly Vienna wanted to walk upto Tristan and give him a hug. But she was worried to hug him in front of her parents. She was too shy and she didnt think her parents liked to see that. She was too shy to take the first step when her parents were watching. But she did want to walk upto him and tell him she missed him. But just when she looked up and got the courage to go to him, she was met with his piercing eyes staring at her. She could feel her heart jumping when he looked at her like that.

Suddenly Adele brought her out of her thoughts as Vienna heard her mother "Are you alright Vienna? Would you like to go to your room if you are tired?"

Vienna didnt want to go. She was not tired. She wanted to spend every minute she had with her family at that table. She had missed her father and her brothers. But also she had missed Tristan.

Vienna looked up at her mother and smiled "I am fine mum. I dont feel tired...."

As Adele was bout to argue, music started playing and Francesco instructed his wife "Sweetheart... Its time to dance...Our last dance before I leave tomorrow...."

Adele's heart sank as his words hit her. He was leaving again tomorrow morning. She had to have a dance. She immediately stood up and then turned to her daughter "Sweetie, are you sure you are alright? I will be at the dance floor if you need me..."

Vienna shook her head "Mum... I will be fine... I think I sat down too long... I may need to walk around abit. Dont worry,..." She had to warn her mother. Even if she was in the same room, her mother became worried these last few weeks. Ever since her father and brothers had left, her mother even couldnt stand her being away when they were in the same room. When she went to school she had so many guards accompanying her who were based around the campus that she didnt think even a president's daughter had. Still her mother worried for her since her father and brothers were not around.

Francesco held Adele's hand "Sweetheart... She will be fine..."

Adele listened to her husband and walked away as she smiled at her daughter one last time. Sweetie you know where to find me.

Francesco squeezed her waist and whispered "Dont worry about the kids."

Vienna watched her parents walked to the dance floor. She was now alone sitting around the table. She was trying to look at any direction but Tristan's. Her cheeks felt hot. She was blushing for sure now. She was tempted to take out a mirror from her purse and look at her face. But she resisted the urge. She tried to distract herself by looking around the room.

Vienna glanced at her brothers who were standing in a far corner. She sighed. By the looks of it they were in a heated argument with Niall. He had asked her to the prom when they had returned. Vincenzo epsecially was not pleased. But she didnt know what that was all about. Niall was from a very honourable family. No one ever was going to have an issue with him. But of course Vincenzo wasn't just anyone. Cristina had agreed to go to the prom with him. She didnt mind him. Who would have said no to Niall. She would have if she didnt have Tristan. Niall was quite charming.

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