6. A Typical Sunday

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Adele woke up as she heard Francesco's alarm clock. She was facing Francesco on her side as he was embracing her from her waist.

Francesco reached his hand to the alarm clock and turned it off. He then held her more tightly and leaned close to Adele. He whispered as he looked into Adele's eyes " Good morning sweetheart. Sorry to wake you up."

Adele smiled " I don't mind. I was going to put the turkey in the oven. I thought it's nice to have roast turkey."

Francesco sighed " You spoil these kids. Let them eat the usual food from the compound chefs or order pizza."

Adele spoke " But the kids have that every day. I like to make a proper meal for them in weekends."

Francesco smiled " I love you. I think we should go for another round of making out like last night. Are you ready?"

Adele spoke " I love you too but honey our sons must be waiting for you right now in the compound grounds for you to coach them with their morning exercise. You should go now. Don't you think? We should become adventurous tomorrow night. Not now. It's too early in the morning to make out."

Francesco gave Adele a mischievous grin " Are you using the kids as an excuse now? They know the routine. They warm up. They run their laps around the grounds, they do push-ups, sit ups and lift weights. What's so complicated about that? They don't need me all the time. But I might drop by at the end or near the end."

Adele frowned " You are not thinking of giving them extra laps to run for last night's episode, I hope."

Francesco smiled " Hm. I can't believe that they dared to interrupt us last night. We could have an extra round if Vincenzo and Viggo hadn't been killing each other." He then chuckled " You know, they remind me of my teenage days. Especially Vincenzo. When I was his age, I felt like I could do anything and nothing could stop me. I wanted everything. I had dreams..."

Adele spoke " But Vincenzo is much more .... extreme that you ever were."

Francesco shook his head " Vincenzo is going through a phase. Maybe I went through that phase before I met you. You weren't there. But Costanzo was there with me. He can testify what I was like before I met you. I bashed up anyone who I simply didn't like looking at...."

Adele spoke in a concerned tone " But you didn't hurt Costanzo ..."

Francesco spoke " Unless I was forced to. But I did hurt Costanzo. I get it sweetheart. You don't like how Vincenzo treats Viggo and Vienna but he is their eldest brother. He is protective of them. He goes too far all the time and has a funny way of showing how he cares for his siblings but he does. He is just abit too extreme as you put it. I will fix it. I will keep an eye on him. Don't worry yourself about our sons. Now stop distracting me using our kids. Don't you want to make out. I know I do." He then leaned close kissing Adele.

Adele slightly pulled way " Darling there is time for that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I must go to the kitchen, put the roast in oven and head to church with Vienna after breakfast. You are busy with meetings all day in your office."

Francesco rolled on top of Adele and gently pinned her down to bed " That can wait. Hm. What's for breakfast?" He then planted kisses up and down Adele's jawline gently and slowly making her shiver from anticipation.

Adele spoke " Well. It's your favourite on menu as always. I am making fresh waffles. I would also make English breakfast for the kids."

Francesco pulled away " Good. I am glad our kids love English breakfast more than waffles. You and I can have the waffles with chocolate sauce and maple syrup. One day, they would realise how they have missed out on a classic home made specialty of yours. I hope they don't realise that any time soon. I can imagine Vincenzo eating all the waffles by the time I finish reading my newspaper with my tea. Luckily he doesn't prefer waffles."

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