116. An O'Neil's Ultimatum

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At one of his most luxurious hotel suites, Emanuelle O'Neil was standing at the window looking over his hotel grounds as he was thinking deeply.

Emanuelle was finding it hard to get his head around what had happened. He had to confront the beast. He didn't expect to have to confront him so soon.

Emanuelle had his suspicions about Vincenzo's relationship with his daughter but he had hoped he was wrong about him. He couldn't believe the beast could love his princess. Young people were wild. They made bold choices. They were adventurous. If his daughter had kissed anyone else on a dare maybe he could understand. If his daughter wanted to kiss a boy she was allowed to. Her mother had raised her to be able to make her own choices. But kissing the beast was a step too far. Why had she chosen to kiss Vincenzo of all the people? But that wasn't what bothered him the most. What bothered him was how the beast hadn't stopped his daughter from kissing him. The beast not only hadn't pushed her away, he had kissed her back too. One minute of kissing the beast could give him plenty of time to pull away. Why did he kiss his daughter back? The thought of the possible truth made his worst nightmares come to life right in front of him. He feared nothing more in his life than his daughter attracting the beast.

Emanuelle heard a knock on the door. He heard the beast speak " You asked for me."

Emanuelle responded harshly " Come in, son."

Emanuelle didn't turn around and took a sip from his Irish cream whiskey bottle that he had in his hand thinking about this kid he was meant to figure out... But Vincenzo was no typical teenager. He was a weapon. He was a killing machine. He was deadlier than the deadliest of men he had encountered. He was colder than the most menacing men he had worked with and he was more intelligent than many people he knew who had already been to college and were fully grown up educated men. Vincenzo was perfect in every way. He was a born leader capable of making anyone what he wanted. But also he had such a strong character to say no and not allow anyone force him to do anything he didn't want to do. That was where his headache started. If Vincenzo didn't want to kiss his daughter he would not have allowed her to touch him. Why hadn't he pushed her away?

Emanuelle turned around and looked at his tall and well built figure standing at a distance from him leaning to the closed door waiting for instructions.

Emanuelle took another sip from his whiskey and put it down as he walked towards Vincenzo as he stared into Vincenzo's eyes that matched his father's. Vincenzo was calm and didn't waver. He stared back without looking away. Emanuelle reached Vincenzo and stood in front of him " What a pleasure son to see you in my office past midnight? To whom do we owe this occasion I wonder... Am I correct that it is the Marciano girl again who made me leave your father's meeting room to come to this place? I thought some of my guards were misinformed when they said my daughter just kissed a boy who is not her boyfriend. Of course I need to do background checks before I let anyone touch my daughter... I drop by here and I hear that it's you ..." He then gave Vincenzo a bitter smile " Then my children inform me that this was all a game suggested by the Marciano girl. But before we get to dealing with her, I want you to think about what I am about to ask you. Think and give me an answer or I won't like it son." He then turned around and walked away as he sat down on a two seater sofa. He gestured to the sofa in front of him " Come. Sit."

Vincenzo remained silent and walked quickly to the sofa that O'Neil had pointed at. If O'Neil asked you to sit somewhere in his hotel, you must not have kept him waiting.

As Vincenzo sat down, he gave him a half smile. " Have a soda son..."

Vincenzo was frustrated but he didn't argue. Emanuelle O'Neil was watching his body language searching for something. Vincenzo nodded politely " Thank you." He then picked up a soda can from the table and popped it open as he took a sip.  He noticed Emanuelle poured himself an Irish cream whiskey and drank it in one go. Vincenzo mirrored his actions and drank the soda in one go.

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