27. Drama In Lesson (Part 2)

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Vienna entered the drama class with other students and saw the massive drama studio was transformed. Chairs were placed in pairs around the room and scripts were placed on each pair of chairs along with some costumes or rather pieces of costume.

As students entered the huge studio, the drama teacher instructed them "Find yourself a partner and sit down practicing. Auditions will start in an hour and then will continue through your personal study time. We have two year groups here today so try to get along with each other...." Of course, the instructions were written on the stage blackboard too. The students knew how auditions went by now.

Vienna walked to a far corner and took a seat on a chair watching how other students were finding their partners. She knew her partner was Tristan and he hadn't arrived yet since Vienna was quite early to lesson.

The drama studio got more and more crowded as two year groups joined in that audition lesson.

As predicted a big crowd of girls rushed to Viggo as he entered the studio. Viggo was quite popular to the dismay of many other boys. He just charmed his way through. Some people reckoned it was his uncle Angelo's genes mixed with his uncle Costanzo's. Of course Vincenzo made girls run a mile with his rude and offensive attitude. Vincenzo had now cornered Letizia into working with him since he had by the looks of it, the support of the drama teacher.

The drama teacher was walking around pairing people up if they weren't sure who they wanted to work with and Vincenzo had a way of words to convince teachers that he wished to volunteer as one of the star pupils to work with the new student by the looks of it. Letizia didn't look pleased at all as she sat down next to Vincenzo and picked up her script and sliding her chair away from him as he got on with reading his script with a smirk.

Viggo managed to walk away from the girls and slip away skillfully. He walked to Vienna and sat down next to her as he put the script on the chair to the floor "I am thinking of working with my sister this lesson, sorry." the girls quickly dispersed.

Vienna laughed "Viggo. You cant keep hiding from the girls by using me as an excuse."

Viggo shrugged "Why not? It works as a short time solution. What you say goes apparently anyways, Queen Vienna."

Vienna frowned "What does that mean?"

Viggo sighed "It means that the students are meant to treat you like a queen or they die. Tristan's last orders from yesterday that was spread by his people states that."

Vienna sighed in frustration "This is getting out of hand. So he has spread word that people must be nice to me."

Viggo spoke "Well, he has always done that but now its different. Everyone knows he has set his sights on you."

Vienna raised an eyebrow "I thought you didn't like him. What happened? Why are you so cool about this?"

Viggo looked away "I don't like the guy but I think you can make your own decisions and I am for now keeping out of this but you know you can count on me, if you ever want to get rid of him. If he ever bothers you, then tell me and Vincenzo. I know you will. You are a smart girl..."

Vienna pushed on "Something has happened. Your tone has changed. Why are you much ... different now?.... Oh, .... It's her. Isn't it? She is back.... What was your fight about with Trent? You know he doesn't even fancy her. Everyone else thinks you fought because she is our enemy and you don't want Trent on her corner but of course I know what's going on. You should relax. There is nothing going on between Trent and Angelia."

Viggo turned to vienna. His tone was harder now "Of course there is. They were flirting in broad day light."

Vienna got closer to Viggo and spoke in a hushed tone "Well,... I am not supposed to tell you this but .... he is trying to make Azurine jealous by going after Angelia..."

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