100. A Dance & SleepOver (Part 4)

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Tristan was dancing with Vienna as he was staring into her eyes. He was trying to memorise everything about her. He was taking in her beautiful stare. He was taking in her soft touch. These were the moments that he wished he had been able to be with her for longer. But again he was grateful he had Vienna in front of him in those moments. If she hadnt been haressed by boys like edward Blake there was no way he would have broken his silence. Luckily Vienna had returned his affections. He was grateful for that. Otherwise he knew he was going to go on this long trip with a broken heart not being allowed to touch her one last time. His chances of dying were low on the upcming business trip but he had written his will.

Vienna was feeling her cheeks getting heated up. Tristan was staring at her with so much love. She adored his relaxed attitude but she was becoming nervous as she was feeling his stare on her. They were dancing slowly and taking in the atmosphere. It was party time but this was more a of a goodbye party for Vienna. She had no idea when was the next time she was going to see him. She felt saddened by that and it hit her and he was going to be away for at least another six weeks when end of year exams and prom came around. That was the best case scenario. She felt like tears were threatening to run down her cheeks so she stopped dancing.

Tristan frowned "Are you ok?"

Vienna gave him a forced smile "I need to take a break from dancing....Its been lovely.... I think I need a drink... I should catch up with the girls..." She let go of his shoulders and Tristan let go of her waist knowing she wanted to stop.

Tristan took a deep breath as he watched her walked away.  As much as he wanted Vienna to dance with him as he needed her touch for longer, he had to let her go if she was tired. He smiled sadly "Ok. Enjoy your drink...." He then walked to the spot where Vincenzo was standing. He was right next to the  porch window. Tristan asked "Why arent you dancing?"

Vincenzo asked "Why aren't you?"

Tristan spoke " Vienna is taking a break..."

Vincenzo nodded as he sipped from his soda can " Yes. I notice you have tired her out..."

Tristan asked " You didn't say why you are not dancing... I know Letizia gave you some private lessons... Your father is not here tonight but surely he wouldn't be happy to hear you are not mingling..."

Vincenzo spoke " She did give me private lessons... But I am waiting for the last dance of the night... Don't worry about my situation with my father... I know what I am doing..."

Tristan sighed " It doesn't look like you know what you are doing. You let some girl come into your life and ruin so much. How can you put up with her flaws? You dont let anyone teach her a lesson. You will get her killed one of these days..."

Vincenzo turned to Tristan calmly " You know... I don't think I need to explain myself to you... I know what I am doing... Worry about yourself... If you make any mistakes on this trip we are going to and get yourself hurt, I will make you pay... My sister is really worried about you... You will come back in one piece or you will get a dose of Rosario justice..."

Tristan spoke sarcastically " Wow... Now you care about your sister. You didn't care about her days ago when she got attacked by your girlfriend... I question your commitment to your own blood..."

Vincenzo's expression turned serious. He downed the rest of the soda and then squeezed the empty can in his hand as he stepped in front of Tristan. He spoke in a calm and low tone "If thats what you think....then you dont know me at all ... I suggest you refresh your memory about the past... Alright Tristan." He then gave Tristan an unreadable look and turned around. He left the room through the door to the balcony.

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