88. Truce Can't Prevent Defeat

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Vincenzo had a bad feeling inside him. Something was not right. He was standing in the middle of a clearing next to Niall as he was trying to contact Letizia... She was not responding.

Vincenzo sighed " Where can she be?" He then turned to the privates around him and ordered them to get back to their base and check on Letizia. He also ordered the privates on the base to search for her. Vincenzo and Niall were about to finalising an attack plan on Tristan. But strangely Letizia didn't respond to them.

Niall suggested " She is probably not taking this fight seriously."

Vincenzo asked " And you take this seriously. Are you  taking it as serious Aussie?"

Niall shrugged " I never claimed to care. I shouldn't... You Americans are crazy.... In Australia we don't do this course like you do here. If someone can't handle it we don't let them do the course... You forced that kid in that box for what? Where I am from we don't let kids like Private Blake on the course in the first place. Poor kid surrendered and failed the course like that... Why let him do this course... "

Vincenzo rolled his eyes " He had scholarships already for college actually. Private Blake failed this course but he doesn't need any extra curricular credits. He already is going to college. This doesn't matter to him. Focus on those who are on the course and should be here.... But they are not..."

Niall took a deep sigh and sounded annoyed " Of course I can't believe they have captured Corporal Constantini and you didn't consider offering a truce for her... Let's truce with my cousin. It is not worth it ..."

Vincenzo insisted " I told you she is safe. She followed all protocols. People who follow protocols don't get hurt... We will get her back... Commandos are surrounding the building waiting to attack... We just need conformation that all is well at the base and Corporal Marciano has passed on the messages.... Then we attack and get her back... It happens sometimes. People get captured... She is a lone assassin. It was part of her role to get captured and spy for us but sadly she couldn't escape fast enough.... She has done this course before... Your cousin personally got her..."

Niall asked " How come you are not worried about her? What if they torture her?"

Vincenzo explained " How many times do I have to explain? We maybe more feral than your people on the camp but we follow the same protocols as your people. We don't torture unless provoked... If a captive doesn't resist arrest it's fine. Unless the captive breaks some protocols or attacks a forbidden one, they won't get tortured except in case they try to escape...."

Niall asked " Who are the forbidden ones? Remind me again?"

Vincenzo stated "My sister... And Your cousin's sister... They are off limits and forbidden..."

Niall asked " What about your girl?" How come she doesn't get immunity? Isnt the sergeants girlfriend  immune..."

Vincenzo shrugged " What do you think? My protection for her is a substitute if she follows my lead. I have claimed her so I make sure she is safe even if her immunity doesn't come by blood... or union... But the problem is she doesn't want to be protected... She is stubborn. She doesn't know the rules... She can't get used to them..."

Niall asked " Do you think it was a good idea to make her a corporal considering she is not immune and she doesn't follow the rules?"

Vincenzo stated " I will protect her... I can't give her immunity... She is not a Rosario and she is not an O'Neil... Only your bloodline gives you immunity. She is a Marciano... She is outnumbered here... But I will try to keep her out of harm's way... I want her to be a corporal.. She can handle the responsibility. She is physically capable. She had high scores..."

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