119. Wanting It Badly Enough

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Clarissa was shocked. She was trying to process what she had just heard. She wasn't sure which information to process first. Was she to process what Vincenzo's intentions were towards her when Letizia was his official girlfriend? Was she to process the threats he just threw at her about her prom date or was she to process how he had called her his woman. How were these revelations possible? She was confused and shocked. So she turned around to get some answers but it wasn't easy. When she turned to face him, his close proximity was not helping her form sentences. He was so close making her wary. When the wolf stood close he mostly smiled and looked relaxed but today he didnt look happy. His eyes were focused on her and she wasnt sure what to make of it. She decided to move away from him but as she took a step away, Vincenzo mistook her action for running away and he put his other had on the door too. Now she was caged against the door. Here she was staring into his eyes that awaited her response.

Vincenzo demanded " You don't walk away from me Terza. Here is my secret that no one knows but you... I love you Terza..."

Terza closed her eyes and tried to keep focused. Here he was confessing to her that he loved her. The way he had kissed her did demonstrate how he felt. She subconsciously reached her hand towards her lips recalling how she felt when he had kissed her. She felt strange. What kind of a mess was this? The worst part was she did have feelings for him. She had admired him from far for years. He had saved her life and always made her feel safe. He could make her happy. He tried hard too. When they hung out and he always made her smile. But what kind of a bad joke was this? She felt like she was trapped inside a maze in that moment. This was puzzling. Vincenzo had declared he loved her but he loved Letizia too. What was this?

Clarisa told herslef she could handle this. Her mother had taught her to control her feelings. She had to pull herself together. Based on his tone, it didn't sound like her knight in shining armour had any intentions of speaking to her parents or claim her in public. He referred to this information as his secret. What was this? Why did he even bother to say he loved her if he was dating Letizia. If Clarisa was his woman then what was he going with her? It made no sense at all. Was he breaking up with her?

Vincenzo waited for Clarissa's response but she was staring at him in shock and in deep in thought. She was standing unmoving leaning to the wall silently. Vincenzo decided to answer her questions. He could guess what she could be thinking. This was it. She was either going to sympathise with him or she was going to try to get away from him. Of course he had no intention of letting her walk away. She was his. He spoke in a firm tone " I know what you must be thinking. Where does Letizia come in? Why havent I broken up with her if you are my woman?Its not that simple.... Letizia.... She is in big trouble... She is on the Luciano's wanted list. As crazy as it sounds. They want her head on a plate... I am protecting her for my cousin Vitale. No one else knows but you... I have to keep her alive until they take her name of the hit list."

Clarisa closed her eyes. This was too much information. She was reminded of what Vincenzo had said to her just minutes ago. He had warned her to be careful when digging deep. Now she had found what she couldn't get her head around. But why was Letizia in trouble? She was a teenager. What had she done to make the Luciano's put a prize on her head?

Vincenzo took a deep breath as he continued" The Lucianos want her blood you know... They want it so badly... All because Letizia shot the bride's car in one of their weddings. They see her as a threat. That's why her family moved here... Now if you tell anyone, then she is dead. I can protect her... I have to protect her until she is out of danger... Vitale cant protect her because he is Italian. But I am counted as American so I can protect her. My father has no ties with the Lucianos but Rosarios in Italy are their next door neighbours in Sicily and do business together on many levels. I know you wont tell anyone Terza... I trust you.... Terza, if my father finds out he would send her back. I know he will. Letizia attacked my sister. To my father, Letizia is no concern of his. I cant let Letizia die. My cousin loves her...."

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