33. Coming On Hard

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Vienna was regretting saying yes to Tristan now. As he was leading her up the elevator, she was thinking about how she had never ever been to the top floor, where Tristan wanted to put the muffins in the fridge. The top floor was forbidden and was only for boys to hang out in. and if any girls were caught trespassing, they were ruthlessly punished by orders of Tristan and Vincenzo. What was she thinking. What if Tristan was going to take her to the top floor and was going to throw her to his group to punish. She shuddered at the thought. She was horrified.

As the elevator reached the top floor and the door opened, Tristan stated "After you Vienna."

Vienna shook her head "I ... think I am going back ... down."

Tristan raised an eyebrow "Why?"

Vienna shook her head "See you later. You go."

Tristan asked suspiciously "Vienna? What is the matter? You were fine just now. You look as pale as a chalk bar. Are you alright? Do you need me to get you a glass of water? We have a water cooler on this floor."

Vienna was abit put at ease by his caring tone. He actually looked troubled by her sudden change. She smiled weakly "I am fine. I am going down."

Tristan shook his head "Tell me. What is the matter? if you are not feeling sick then what is it?"

Vienna was not good at lying at all. Against her better judgment she nodded "Ok. I come in." She couldn't give any excuses without Tristan finding out she was lying. He was quite observant.

Vienna stepped on the top floor out of the elevator and Tristan followed her. He stated "The fridge is in the common room."

Vienna's heart was beating fast and she was worried. What had possessed her to come here. The decorations in the corridors of the top floor were intimidating too. No one was there either. The place was totally deserted since it was early morning.

Tristan didn't even need her help to open any doors. He just held the tray with one hand and then unlocked the door with another. He turned to Vienna "After you."

Vienna gave out a shaky breath and entered the common room. It was massive. But instantly she felt intimidated. How many girls were tortured here before her for trespassing?

Tristan walked to the fridge ad put the muffins in the fridge. He then turned around and smiled "Take a seat. I wish to talk to you Vienna. We have so much time before the exam."

Vienna smiled nervously "I think, I go. See you later. I should go to the library." She then hoped Tristan bought her lie as she walked to the exit. She didn't need to go to the library. She had revised enough.

But what happened next meant, it wasn't going to be easy since Tristan stated "Wait. We need to talk..."

Vienna turned to him "Another time... I need to go." She then almost sprinted to the door and to her relief Tristan didn't follow her. But as she turned the handle she gulped. It was locked. She turned "Tristan..."

Tristan was pouring some water into a glass from a water cooler as he spoke "Yes Vienna."

Vienna sighed "Open the door please."

Tristan smiled playfully and put the glass of water on the table "No. I said we need to talk. This is the boys' common room. I call the shots as you know. When we finish talking, then you may go." He then turned to the water cooler and picked up another glass started to pour some water into that second glass like nothing had happened.

Vienna leaned to the door and collected all the courage she had and spoke "Why? Why did you trick me into coming here and then you locked the door without me noticing? How could you deceive me like that?"

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