61. Power Of Diplomacy

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Tristan's voice was raised " You need to justify your actions, Private Rosario. Why did you answer a question when you weren't the one being addressed?"

Vienna took a step backwards but Tristan took a step closer to her not allowing her to retreat from him. Her closeness to him made him feel content. Those pair of beautiful eyes were now slowly getting used to looking at him. He was not fond of seeing the look of fear in her eyes but she had displeased him. She should have understood he wasn't approving of her actions. He was enjoying her closeness and staring into those gorgeous pair of eyes but he was doing his duty too. He couldnt ask for a better opportunity.

Tristan was glad in many ways she had gotten herself into trouble. if anyone else defied him, he would have taken it as a personal insult and would have shown wrath to them with a vendetta but in her case, it was the opposite. He didn't mind her breaking the rules. He wanted her to be protected so he had to warn her of dangers of her actions for herself but it didn't mean he didn't cherish the idea of confronting her. Any encounter was better than none. If this was the only way he could get her to look up into his eyes and speak to him, he didn't mind. He enjoyed his encounters more than he was meant to. But he was a Sergeant. He made the rules and damn right he was the only one dealing with his girl.

Vienna whispered " I am sorry... It won't happen again." She then took a few more steps backwards as Tristan closed the distance between them. She found her back hitting a giant tree behind her. The forest was quite ancient. Most trees were more than four hundred years old. She backed up against the tree bracing herself to hear his verdict that she knew was coming. She had saved Edward from possibility of getting a third strike and being sent to the third strike cabin to keep the snakes company. She had also helped Letizia from feeling Tristan's full force wrath. Tristan was really harsh when anyone was not listening to his instructions. It was a big offence. She had witnessed before what he did to those who were not listening. They never did it again after he dealt with them.

Tristan was standing less than an arm length away from her. He wished she didn't keep trying to run away from him retreating. As she had tried to back away, he had become displeased with his girl who seemed to not trust him enough to stay close to him.

His hard tone made her close her eyes " I did not ask you to apologise and promise anything. Repeat what was my question Private Rosario and look at me."

Vienna let out a shaky breath and complied. She had no other choice but to obey his orders even though at that moment she wished she could be anywhere else but there. She had a feeling Tristan himself didn't know how intimidating he was.... She opened her eyes slowly and whispered " You asked ...You asked...." She was just too nervous and her mind had gone blank... "I am sorry...." She couldn't remember.

Tristan's expression made her try to step away from him. She tried to take a step away from the tree but he knew what she was trying to do so he put both his hands on either sides of her on the tree making her lose her breath. He stated " May I remind you that you are not allowed to leave my presence unless I have dismissed you Private Rosario. Now answer my question. I don't repeat what I ask. When I ask a question I need an immediate answer."

Vienna looked away trying to search her mind for answers. What did he ask?

Tristan demanded " Look at me."

Vienna quickly complied and looked up. The moment that she had looked away she had managed to remember. She breathed " You asked me ... Why I answered a question that wasn't meant for me and I wasn't the one addressed."

Tristan nodded "That's a relief for you. At least you won't be charged with the same offence I was going to charge private Marciano with. You won't like that... Would you private Rosario?"

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