67. The House Of Giovanni (Part 4)

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Adele was dancing slowly to the music with Francesco. She had her arms wrapped around his shoulders as he had his arms around her waist. She kept glancing at her daughter from time to time as she was dancing with Tristan. She looked concerned and was on edge.

Francesco whispered " Are you ok sweetheart?"

Adele smiled and looked at Francesco " Of course. Why wouldn't I be? When I am with you I am ok." She then glanced at her daughter who was dancing with Tristan in the corner of the dance floor " I just wish our daughter didn't have to grow up so fast... It's too soon .... She is not ready .... for someone like him."

Francesco sighed " Like how you weren't ready for me when I met you?"

Adele sighed " Point taken." Francesco had a point. She wasn't ready when she had met him but meeting him turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to her. He never gave her a choice. He claimed her as his. He then saved her and her family from his uncle. Without Francesco she would have been dead along time ago alongside her family. She couldn't deny that.

Francesco stated " Don't worry. Sweetheart, let me handle it. I will protect our daughter. I will make sure she is safe."

Adele looked at her husband with deep sadness in her eyes " I am not worried Francesco. I know you can protect our daughter....I also know Tristan is not just anyone. You always said you can never imagine considering interrogating any other candidate but him for our daughter's hand. You never saw anyone but him as worthy to even step into our house to be questioned by you. You always said you would rather our daughter did not date at all than choose a boy who could not protect her. Tristan is who you call an honourable young man...But I know I always contradicted you. I wanted our daughter to fall for a normal person. Not a criminal... I admit that right now I do wish that she wasn't attached to Tristan. But now I see I cant think that way... Our daughter is handling it differently than I thought she would. She is wearing his pendent and doesn't look like she is being forced to endure him. I would have thought she would run a mile away if someone like Tristan asked her to dance.... Our daughter seems to get along with him and they seem to be a match that i never thought would happen... I never thought tristan will be her type....It seems that now she has become attached, so it's too late to stop her path even if I wanted to act... We are the type of parents who vowed to never rip away our children from anyone they fall for unless their safety was concerned. We vowed never to force their relationships to drift apart after what your father did to you by forcing you away from me... This is what she wishes. This is what she wants... Its hard to accept... I wish I could stop our daughter from getting close to a criminal but it's too late now... I try to aceept it but ....everything is happening too fast..."

Francesco stated " I know.... Sweetheart, our daughter won't get hurt. We will be watching. I would question Tristan personally. Leave it to me...."

Adele sighed " I know you will take responsibility but ... I wish I could turn back time... This is too fast.., She is already dancing with him..."

Francesco questioned " Does it bother you that they are dancing right now? You approved of this. She is our daughter but you choose how you bring her up within reason and I agreed not to interfere unless I feel strongly about your choices.... I wouldn't have let her dance before interrogating Tristan. But you let her and I let you have this choice just this time. But I won't let him touch our daughter again without interrogating him properly. Tell me Do you regret it? Do you regret letting her dance with him? It's not too late. I can tell the young man to go on his merry way and break off their dance if this bothers you..."

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