58. His Style Of Loving Her

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Vienna was visibly shaken up. He had his hands on the table staring at her as she was sitting behind the desk leaning back as far as she could from him. His stare was directed deep into her eyes as though he was looking deep into her soul. Some said, if you found your soul mate one day, they could see right through you. That was how it felt. He was staring into beyond what anyone else could see or rather tried to see. His expression gave nothing away. His cold eyes had no hint of any mercy in them. He was Tristan O'Neil. The one who even put Vincenzo on guard who saw him as a dangerous rival. He was an O'Neil but also a Giovanni. He had the wisdom of both sides. He had the ruthlessness and efficiency of both his bloodlines. He had the intelligence to use his gifts and all he had been taught. He always got what he wanted. Nothing and no one stopped him. So Vienna was resigned to her fate. If he wanted her hurt, he was going to get her. He was a non-prisoner taker character just like Vincenzo. You either gave him what he demanded and said what he wanted to hear or he gave you hell.

Tristan shook his head speaking in a hard tone "Private Rosario. You can not afford to waste a chance when you are given one by someone like me. I rarely give chances but when I do, everyone makes the most of it. Let me tell you... There is no mercy and forgiveness in our world. There are only deals, treaties, alliances, exchanges.... that can get you out of trouble. You can't afford to make that mistake again. Once you are given an opportunity to save yourself some pain, you must take initiative. You tried to convince me to forgive you by just asking. Tell me Private Rosario... Do I look like I am convinced? Do I look convinced to you?" He then walked around the desk as Vienna followed his movement.

Tristan started circling the desk as she was looking at him. She was scared. She wished she could find a way out of trouble. He looked serious. She whispered instinctively "I am really sorry Sergeant..."

Tristan shook his head as he was circling the desk looking away from her. He put his hands behind his back as he was circling the desk and turned to her with a smirk " Did I ask you to talk Private Rosario? I do not recall asking you a question. The rules clearly forbid you from talking to your superiors unless you are addressed or its absolutely necessary. You must be familiar with the rules.

Vienna gulped as she watched him circling the desk slowly as his stare was on her making her feel wary. His focus on only on her and he looked so cold "Sorry...Sergeant O'Neil." She was breathing hard. This was the worst situation she could find herself in. At his mercy again and this time he was her superior in a serious setting.

Tristan stopped behind her chair and leaned close to her ear with his hands behind his back "I asked you a question before you spoke without my permission. You never answered it. You must remember what I asked? For your sake, you should remember. I don't like asking twice. In fact I hate asking twice. What was the question I asked you."

Vienna jumped as she heard the harshness of his hard tone. She gulped "You asked me ... Do I look convinced to you...."

Tristan nodded. "Good." He then walked around the desk and stood opposite her. His towering figure was handsome but too bad, his eyes held no emotion. He was truly an angel faced assassin "Well, do I look like I am convinced of forgiving you?" He looked into her eyes with his ice cold eyes with an intimidating posture with his shoulders back and straight and his hands behind his back.

Vienna shook her head and breathed "No Sergeant." She looked away not being able to hold those hard eyes. She was trembling now.

Tristan chuckled darkly "Private Rosario. Look up or I will have to give you another strike."

Vienna took a deep breath and looked up. She had no choice. He looked scary in business mode or was this his business mode? She was sure he was softer to her compared to how he was to others. He tried not to ever be too harsh in front of her but she had glimpses. The most recent encounter was when she had heard the tone he had used on her brother. That order towards him to get his hands off her was still fresh in her mind. She could see her death if he addressed her like that. She also could tell the difference in how he ordered people around the survival camp. He spoke to her in a less harsher tone... Either way she was trembling and finding it hard to push down her nerves. She was afraid of what he was going to do to her. Was he going to teach her a lesson when no one was around. She could do nothing.

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