77. Back To School As A Couple

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It was early morning and the Rosario children were sitting in their seven seater car being taken to school to be dropped off. The ride was silent. Too silent. Vienna from time to time looked at her notes in her hand and looked outside the window. She had one exam that morning which was followed by survival camp. She kept glancing at the silent form of his brothers. They had been too quiet. They had hardly spoken a word to her. It was bothering her. Had she done something wrong? She turned to Viggo first. She hesitated but then she decided she couldn't take the silence any more. She cleared her throat and spoke " Viggo... Why are you so quiet? Why is Vincenzo so quiet? You haven't said anything to me since last night."

Viggo looked at Vienna and his expression slightly softened. "We are not silent Vienna...."

Vienna argued " You just talk to each other but not me. When I come close you stop. Have I done something?"

Vincenzo's laugh brought her out of her thoughts. She turned to him and frowned " Why do you laugh?"

Vincenzo sighed and shook his head as he chuckled " You shouldn't ask a question like that Vienna. Tristan may think you are not being taken care of..." He then rolled his eyes " Did you ask him to call us last night?"

Vienna gasped " He phoned the house?"

Viggo nodded " He didn't call the house. He called Vincenzo's room while I was there. He spoke to Vincenzo and I. He made some explicit threats too. He said he wants you to be protected and he would demand answers if he is not satisfied.... Vincenzo made his own threats. He would demand answers from him too if anything happens when you are with Tristan."

Vincenzo laughed " Your man has a funny way with his demands. He said he would declare war if you tell him we hurt you or made you cry. When have we ever done that?..."

Vienna was confused " But he didn't ask you to not talk to me.."

Vincenzo nodded " We are talking to you now. Aren't we? If we don't talk it means we have nothing to say to you. But we may have something to say to each other...."

Vienna asked " It makes no sense..."

Viggo explained " Its business Vienna. Aren't you used to that by now? We have been talking more about business recently and we don't talk to you about it. We don't have a reason to."

Vienna asked " What kind of business?"

Vincenzo spoke " The business we deal with on the business trip after this weekend. Father told you at breakfast we have to go away. You and mother would be guarded by uncle Costanzo and uncle Antonio..."

Vienna spoke carelessly " Tristan told me that part last night... What is it about? This business trip?"

Viggo sighed " Try not to watch and hear what you are not meant to. It's friendly advice. Your man wouldn't like to hear that. If we need to tell you we will..."

Vincenzo shook his head and gave Vienna a look that made her almost want to sit far away from him. She felt threatened slightly as he spoke " I don't agree with Viggo or Tristan. I think I should tell you everything. Why not? If Letizia can manage to be part of the business so can you...."

Viggo argued " That's enough Vincenzo. Tristan and I don't say she shouldn't know anything. We say she should be told on his terms and my terms. Not yours.... You are way too extreme... Besides father doesn't want her to know anything."

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