66. The House Of Giovanni (Part 3)

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Letizia was sitting on a swing in the back yard of Giovanni mansion. She was swinging slowly as she was thinking back to how much her life had changed ever since she had moved to America. She missed Italy. She really did. She felt like she didn't fit in in her school.

She found it hard to survive on her own. Only Vincenzo's existance was the reason she was saved from torment every day. She wondered where he was. She had arrived early with her family at the party hosted by Gabriel Giovanni when meet and greet had just began.

She really found it hard to get along with people. The boys didnt talk to her much because they didnt want to anger Vincenzo just in case they said to her hurtful words that she could see coming. She had insulted Tristan alongside many other boys with her attitude. None of the boys approved of her. She had heard what the boys thought she needed. Azurine had told her what was said behind her back. If Vincenzo removed his protection from her, the boys were going to teach her a a lesson she wasnt going to forget. But she was protcted because of Vincenzo. She found it hard to beleive that no one else before her had ever insulted the boys as much. They had suhc big egos. How could anyone respect them. Hierarchy or not, it was hard to accept they were not used to being challneged by a new comer like her.

Letizia did get along with some of the girls. Clarisa and Vanessa werent happy about her attacking Angelia but they were there for her but they let her know she should have kept her friends close meaning being nice to girls since boys hated her. She could feel neither the boys or the girls approved of her for her defiance and lack of respect. She didnt mind leaving the school but she had to stay. Her school in Milan was different but similar too. There were less kids in the school and they worked differently. They were Italian kids in an American School. They were also more secretive. Whatever they did was really of site premises of school. She didnt fit in over in MIlan eiether but the kids just left her alone. Besides there was so much they could do because she was a girl. Their code didnt allow hurting girls to the extent they did in America. They did get her back at times to some degree but they didnt cross the line. They just scared her off sometimes when she was getting on their nerves but their code included respecting women and not hurting women which Vitale Rosario and Andreas Agostini believed in strongly.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her her shoulders suddenly making her scream. She tried to get up but she found him sitting right next to her on the swing laughing.

Letizia growled and got up from the swing facing his sitting form " You are a crazy freak."

Vincenzo laughed " Thank you for the compliment darling. I tried my best to come across as exactly what you called me. Relax. Come sit next to me." He then he patted the place next to him.

Letizia crossed her arms over her chest " No. go away. I want to be alone."

Vincenzo sighed " Did I ever tell you, it turns me on when you cross your arms over your chest? Don't do it. I don't like you teasing me."

Letizia gasped " I can't believe you. You are so rude."

Vincenzo laughed " You are so damn irresistible." He then grabbed her hand and pulled her towards himself. Letizia found herself sat on the swing next to him again as he restrained her hands in front of her in a firm grip on her lap.

Letizia groaned " Let me go."

Vincenzo spoke " Why should I? Stop fighting. You are my girl. Just sit for a few minutes on my lap. Does it kill you to sit next to me for longer than five seconds?"

Letizia sighed " I want to be alone. Let me go."

Vincenzo stated " You are beautiful. I just want to look at you."

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