92. A Sister's Duty

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Vienna was deep in thought as she sat back down and got on with eating lunch when Tristan asked her to get back to lunch. Now that Vincenzo had issued his chilling threat and had left, she felt fear and worry. She was afraid of what was going to happen. Vincenzo had vowed to make Tristan pay. That meant he was going to hurt him... It made her feel sick to imagine her brother hurting Tristan and it made her also horrified to think of Tristan retaliating against Vincenzo. She remembered the time when Vincenzo and Tristan used to not get along. She remembered how their fights got more fierce as days had gone by. She didn't want them to fight again. Especially she didn't want to be the cause of their fight. Whether she liked it or not, she was involved. Letizia had hurt her and now Tristan was making the most of the opportunity to take revenge taking full control to Vincenzo's dissaproval.

Tristan noticed her silence " Are you alright?"

Vienna didn't say anything back. She didn't even look up. She just nodded her head and carried on eating slowly  as she thought of what had just happened and what could happen. Her father had taught her to think of the future and how her actions could impact the coming days. At that moment it hit her hard to take in that she was now on Tristan's side. But was she meant to be? Vincenzo had almost declared war. Vincenzo meant war. She was sure. She felt sick. Her brother had issued a threat to Tristan and it really hurt her.

Tristan was concerned " Vienna ... You don't look well. You don't say anything ... What's the matter?..."

Vienna looked up and took a deep breath " I have to go..." She then stood up.

Tristan was confused " You have to go? But where?"

Vienna spoke in a formal tone that made Tristan frown " Thank you for the meal. It was lovely. I have to go ... to speak to my brother..." She then quickly walked away towards the door feeling nervous. She didn't want to be in the same room as him. She was worried she was going to make the wrong choices and say the wrong words making everything even worse for Letizia. It was safer to go to speak to Vincenzo first.

Tristan shook his head as he stood up " I forbid you to leave. Stay and speak to me first... What's the matter Vienna...."

Vienna stopped walking and turned around " Why do you ask if anything is the matter?"

Tristan's stated " For one you have hardly touched your food... You hardly looked at me and hardly said any words since your brother left this room."

Vienna declared " I have to go now..."

Tristan stood up and spoke calmly " I need you in this room until we resolve whatever issue it is that's bothering you. You are not happy. I need to know what is the matter..."

Vienna looked at Tristan as she took a few steps towards him. She automatically wanted to go to him and comfort him. He sounded concerned for her. She reassured him  " Please understand. I need to go see my brother first."

Tristan slowly walked towards Vienna " And I need to see you. I am your boyfriend. What you wish to say to Vincenzo, you can say to me first.."

Vienna stopped walking as told herself " You have to tell him. This is about your family...." Tristan was now standing in front of her towering over her as he was looking at her with a demanding but concerned look. He demanded an answer with that look. She had to do this. It was now or never.

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