115. A Kiss Worth Waiting For

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Tristan was walking towards the door with every intention to get out of the pizza parlour and find Letizia to slaughter her. He didnt care about who she was. He didnt care about what Vincenzo felt. He was just focusing on finding Letizia and making an example out of her. Who did she think she was forcing his baby sister to give away her first kiss to ... Vincenzo of all the people? He was going to find her and he was going to torture her. She had no business messing with an O'Neil.

Tristan watched as the girls parted and moved out of his way. Wise move on their part. He didn't discriminate when he dealt with people who went against him. Anyone who blocked his path was going to get the same treatment he was going to give Letizia. All the girls went out of his way as he approached the door. All except one. Of course Vienna was the only one left. She whispered as she took a step back leaning to the door " Tristan... Calm down..."

Tristan gave her a deathly glare as he approached her. Why couldn't she follow the other girls? But she wasn't like other girls. She questioned him when no one else dared. She was his girl. He must have expected some resistance. Vienna had too much faith in Letizia as a friend.

Tristan heard Vincenzo's voice from behind him as he was walking to Vienna " Vienna ... Are you mad? Get out of the way... I will fix this."

Tristan was about to turn around and punch him. Vincenzo dared make it sound as though it was dangerous for her to stand in the way. It was not convenient but how could Vincenzo imply that he was going to hurt her? He was mad. He was furious but that didn't mean he had amnesia and didn't recognise his girl. Vienna was his queen no matter how stubborn she was and no matter how many times she took sides with the weakling rivals of his or the nut case best friend of hers, Letizia who had a death wish.

When Tristan reached her, he warned in a firm voice " Get out of my way or I will move you." He wasn't having this. He had a pair of handcuffs in his pocket. He could tie her up and could go find Letizia. If Vienna thought she could change his mind she was wrong.

Vienna spoke in a soft tone " Tristan ,.. Don't get mad..."

Tristan was about to give her another warning to get out of the way but then she surprised him by lifting her hands up and touching him. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

Tristan couldn't describe what this moment was doing to him. He was speechless. She was touching him.

Vienna looked up into his eyes and then some emotion sparked in her eyes as she lifted her hands up again. This time she wrapped her arms around his neck. She then leaned closer.

Tristan was completely frozen in place. He didn't know what to say but even if he did, he wasn't going to. He wasn't going to ruin this moment. She had just touched him. He was memorising her touch knowing she was going to let go any moment as every moment with his girl had to end before he could get enough of her warmth. But he was surprised to see her lean closer and not let go. She wasn't letting go and he was drowning in the pleasure that her warmth and loving touch brought to him.

Then to Tristan's astonishment she leaned closer and closer making his heart jump as she suddenly attached her lips to his lips. He felt like he was in heaven. He felt like he was truly at peace. The time stopped for him as she kissed him. Her lips were attached to his. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and she wasn't letting go. It had happened, finally. After years of waiting he was getting a kiss on the lips from this girl who had taken over his dreams of the future.

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