126. The Prom (Part 5)

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The time stood still at the prom as the moving images displayed one of the darkest deepest secrets ever known amongst the students. Here he was Viggo Rosario kissing Angelia Andovini. They were enemies. They weren't meant to be kissing on a rooftop of a hotel and get caught. The room was totally silent. As minutes went by and the audience were taking in what they were seeing, it was Niall who broke the silence " Woah. What is this? Romeo and Juliet." He then laughed at his own joke..."People get back to your dancing. There is nothing to see here."

Niall then whispered to Cristina who was staring right at Vincenzo worriedly " Why are these people so dramatic?"

Vincenzo had a stone cold expression as he was watching the tape. He wanted to watch the entire screening. He wanted to see it all. He watched as his brother was wrapping his arms around a forbidden love. What was he thinking? Had he lost his mind? Maybe he was drunk? Maybe he was drugged? Maybe he was forced at gun point to kiss this enemy of theirs.

Vienna was covering her mouth watching the screen trembling. Tristan approached her slowly and placed his hand on her waist " Vienna... Calm down..."

Vienna turned to Tristan " My brother... He is in so much trouble. What is he going to do?"

Then she turned to screen. She watched as the scenes unfolded. But then there was one person who wasn't interested. Tiziana. Vienna wat he'd in horror as Tiziana walked upto Juliano and slapped him hard. Then she gasped in horror as Juliano grabbed her roughly and forcefully kissed her which immediately was met by protests from Vitale, Andreas and half the Italian kids. But it was Scorpious who got there first and grabbed Juliano. He threw him to the ground. Juliano roared " This is war." He then stood up and the boys got into an intense fight. Within seconds the stage was filled with groups of boys fighting. Some were on julianos side and some were on Scorpius's side. The scene was a mess. The American kids tried hard to separate the Italian kids. It was a buzzard fight. A mess.

Tristan shook his head as he ordered the guards to guide the girls to a safe room on the same floor until he took control of the situation. Tristan apologetically turned to Vienna. Give me a minute to sort them out. Ok. Please just go with the guards."

Vienna didn't reply and watched Tristan walk away. She wasn't interested in going to safety. Her eyes only watched Vincenzo's next moves at that moment. She followed him. Vincenzo was taking heavy steps towards the elevators. Vienna was certain he wanted to go to the roof top to confront Viggo. She was petrified. He looked furious. She ran after Vincenzo and caught upto him on time just when he stepped inside the elevator.

Tristan's eyes widened as he spotted where she had gone as he was shouting at the boys to stop and go to his father's office to wait. He quickly got Sebastiano and Trent to repeat his orders as the American boys were trying to separate the two sides on the Italian group of boys. Tristan knew he didn't have long to get up the stairs. The siblings were going to have a face off on the roof.

Vienna watched Tristan from far and caught his hardened eyes staring at her as though reprimanding her about why she hadn't obeyed his instruction. She didn't have time to worry about that. As the door of the elevator closed, she stared at her brother who was leaning to the wall next to the buttons as he was staring at the elevators ceiling.

He looked mad. He looked tense. His eyes held nothing but fury.

Vienna couldn't help mirror his stance as she leaned on the wall on the other side of the elevator as she whispered " Vincenzo... What are you going to do? You have to wait for father. You can't do anything to Viggo..." She then gulped as she saw him glance at her. His tone made her shake to the core. It wasn't accusing but it held a warning and was threatening " Did you know about them Vienna. Tell me the truth."

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