15. Science Project

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Vincenzo was exploding from rage. His own brother had attracted Letizia enough that she preferred to kiss him. He eyed Letizia who was refusing to leave. He warned "Leave Letizia. I am not asking you again."

Letizia sighed and thought she had to do something. She walked to Vincenzo and looked into his eyes with determination "What is this? Why do you turn on Viggo just for refusing to be kissed."

Tristan stood next to Vincenzo " We have our rules. He is one of us and he showed mercy when he has to carry out a punishment. He has to face the consequences."

Letizia cringed at that. It truly was a big punishment for her to kiss someone against her will. Especially doing it in front of these horrid kids who were going to make fun of her and wanted to humiliate her. She was so grateful to Viggo for being so respectful and kind. She was a free spirited girl who was confident in almost everything. Dealing with boys and relationships was not her strength.

Letizia spoke "Can I speak to you... Please?"

Vincenzo narrowed his eyes "Go on. Speak."

Letizia sighed "Not here."

The crowed of boys were now getting restless as they were throwing insults at Viggo and surrounding him more closely.

Vincenzo looked at the guys and spoke "I will deal with Viggo later in private. Disperse. I need to have a talk with Letizia. You heard her. The lady wants to talk. We treat ladies with respect. Don't we?"

As the boys were looking displeased, Vincenzo turned to them "Anyone has any objections, come clear now." He then side stepped Letizia and looked at th circle of boys one by one and his intimidating stare was making most of them look away. Letizia looked on with surprise as it was all over within seconds. All of them immediately dispersed and went to the lunch table to eat. All except Tristan.

Tristan had his arms crossed over his chest as he was looking at Vincenzo with narrowed eyes. Letizia could see he was close to challenging Vincenzo. Tristan spoke "Viggo has loyalty issues when we deal with girls who cross us. He is either one of us or he isn't. The next time he breaks the rules and tries to get another girl out of her punishment, I maybe the one in charge and I sure will give him a proper public punishment in this room with a proper court hearing. You don't have to take full responsibility to punish him all the time. I could help you out.... "

Vincenzo nodded "You don't let anyone else except yourself put Trent in his place. I return the favour." He then gave Tristan a dark smile.

Tristan nodded reluctantly "Point taken. But we will talk about this again." He then without another word walked to the lunch table as he was cursing.

Letizia looked at his retreating figure as she took in the atmosphere in that room. This was such a strange situation. She looked worriedly at Viggo but was slightly relieved to see he was having his lunch and the guys were treating him alright, laughing and joking with him. It seemed like it had happened before that he was in trouble and Vincenzo had taken over dispersing them all.

Vincenzo turned to Letizia "You want to talk? Follow me." He then walked away as Letizia followed him. He walked out of the room and up the stairs.

Letizia spoke "Where are we going to talk?"

Vincenzo spoke "The roof. That is where our special meeting room is." His voice was sour. He had his hand balled into fist as he was walking fast making Letizia sprint behind him almost. they reached a door and Vincenzo unlocked it. He spoke with sarcasm "Ladies first."

Letizia sighed "I am no lady." But she walked inside.

Vincenzo closed the door behind him and made Letizia nervous by locking the door. This was not a good combination. Being trapped in a locked room with Vincenzo. The room was a massive board room with tinted black glass windows. It had a lovely view too. This was luxurious meeting room for sure. She wondered in the girls had such facilities in their common room.

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