96. Loving the Outsider

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At that moment Emmanuelle was giving Vincenzo's uncle Antonio his deadly look and that concerned Vincenzo. His godfather against his uncle was not an ideal situation. He knew his uncle may have been in deep trouble this time. Emanuelle didn't play when it came to his wife. Even though his wife was more than capable of protecting herself as a Giovanni, it didn't matter. It all depneded on how his uncle handled it. If his uncle insulted Emanuelle he was dead. Whatever Emanuelle was going to say, his uncle Antonio had to accept and not argued if he wanted to leave the room alive.

Emanuelle's stare was not leaving Antonio's who was now standing opposite seated form of Vincenzo. Emanuelle suggested in a cold tone " What do you think we catch up over a cup of coffee? A chat is long over due... Don't you agree? We can make lovely cappuccinos in every meeting room. What can I say? It's not my cup of Irish cream drink but you Italians like these things. Have to have coffee machine for my wife in this place in every meeting room..."

Antonio responded in a respectful manner " Of course..."

Emanuelle ordered without his gaze leaving Antonio " Vincenzo. Step outside while I deal with your uncle over a cup of coffee..."

Vincenzo didn't move and stood up " Deal with him? What do you mean?"

Emanuelle looked sharply at him " I am not in the habit of repeating myself son... Out...."

Vincenzo didn't move. "No... I would rather be present... He didnt hurt Dr Giovanni ....." The urge to protect his uncle was great in ways that surprised his uncle too.

Emanuelle raised an eyebrow " I know son, that your uncle did not hurt my wife. That is why he is alive and breathing at this moment in your presence... But son, I dont think I said, you have a choice to stay or leave... Out..."

Antonio glanced at Vincenzo and instruected him " Go outside. Now Vincenzo. Get back to your lessons..."

Vincenzo only agreed to make a move just because his uncle asked him to.

O'Neil did not appreciate how his godson defied him but Vincenzo even defied Francesco.

As Vincenzo started to slowly move away from the table, O'Neil spoke " This is hilarious Vincenzo. You do take your uncle's side when you don't need to. Your uncle and I have our differences. You know that well. Yet I don't see you showing the same commitment that you earlier on. I saw no hesitation from you today when you defended your girl against everything your father stands for. You refused to break up with her when she hurt your sister...."

Vincenzo had to bite his tongue. He was not going to reply disrespectfully like how he wanted to. Answering back to O'Neil carried a heavy sentence. Vincenzo would have answered back with some colourful words if anyone else spoke to him in such accusing tone but not to O'Neil. He replied in a cold and passive tone " I think that's a misunderstanding. I care for my blood...."

Emanuelle raised an eyebrow " A misunderstanding? I don't follow. You either are with your father or against him. You either dump that girl or you don't. That was an easy choice. If you were my own son, I would have given you a good lesson now for even muttering the word, misunderstanding ... But lucky for you, I am not your father.... Go count your lucky stars. Now go outside. I don't like waiting..."

Vincenzo balled his hands into fists wanting to punch Emanuelle but of course he didn't have a death wish. Emanuelle acted like the honourable Irish man he was but he was brutal. His charming and playful exterior fooled many but he was a ruthless dictator in a world of business. He took no prisoners.

Vincenzo sighed and picked up the verdict paper from the desk when Emanuelle stopped him "Wait. What is that?"

Vincenzo sighed. Of course O'Neils were observent... He offered the verdict paper to O'Neil as he explained " Its Letizia's verdict. I asked my uncle to come here for this... to help me with modifying this verdict."

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