101. Forget Me Not

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Clarisa was standing in a corner looking on as the party was unfolding, anticipating the start of the music for the last dance. The girls were back now after singing at the meeting room and they were discussing how embarrassing it was. When the final music came on the mood changed. It was time to party one last time and there was live music... Everyone put away their differences and were happy to pick partners to dance with even though the boys with their immature attitude didnt deserve no last dance.

Clarissa watched Vincenzo from far who was standing in the far corner opposite her looking directly at her. Clarissa felt strange. Vincenzo had a girlfriend so Clarissa was not meant to feel nervous about the prospect of dancing with Vincenzo who was taken. This was just a dance she had promised after losing in bowling as part of her team. It didnt mean anything more. She kept telling herself that... But of course she knew it was not true, no matter how hard she tried to deny it.

Clarissa was certain, this dance meant more to Vincenzo than just a dance as he could make her do anything else to embaress her but he hadn't. Vincenzo always got a kick out of people's misery. If he wanted her to feel msierable, he would have asked her to dance with a boy she hated. But he hadn't. This arrangement was the kind of request Clarissa was more likely to demand from someone like Vincenzo if their positions were switched. If Vicnenzo had lost a bet, she would have asked him to dance. After all, Vincenzo hated dancing as he said, it was for softies and hippies. But dancing was indeed what Clarisa loved to do... Vincenzo knew that and yet he had asked her to dance with him as the consequence of losing a bet. Vincenzo made no sense and confused her sometimes.

Clarissa's mind were full of possible scenarios about why Vincenzo wanted to dance with her. Just then she found herself face to face with him. He gave her a smile "A bet is a bet... Are you going to honour it or you will ask your big brother to rescue you?"

Clarissa objected "Why would I need to ask my big brother to rescue me? Your question is not relevant..."

Vincenzo nodded "Are you sure about that little red?"

Something in his tone made her hesitate. His words had a deeper meaning. They always did. What did he mean by that?

Clarisa replied "I am not a little red and I surely dont look like one..."

Vincenzo spoke "If you wear the red cape I got you then you would look it perfectly..."

Clarissa retorted "I am going to burn that cape tonight if you dont stop teasing me...."

Vincenzo shook his head "Tsk, tsk... Dont threaten the wild wolf... Ever... My price may go up... I might force you to wear that cape while you dance with me.... But I am nice to you... So I only ask for a dance..."

Clarisa knew he was right... It was not wise to threaten Vincenzo to give him a heads up... Of course she was only joking and bluffing ... She actually was going to keep the cape as a reminder. She didnt believe in only keeping memories of her perfect moments... Life was imperfect... She wanted to remember Vincenzo's present... His present was offensive and the thought of what it meant brought chills down her spine... The thought of reminding herself, a big bad wolf was going to claim her one day, did make her nervous.... But this present came from Vincenzo's heart... She knew that this was rare to get a glimpse of displays of any kind of emotion from Vincenzo. Vincenzo didnt have to do anything or say anything if he didnt wish it... If he addressed you in any friendly way, you had to know, it was a rare occassion.

Clarissa gave Vincenzo a frustrated look "Who said I was threatening you?..." She then looked towards the dance floor "Lets get this over with... Shall we? Follow me..." She then walked away leading Vincenzo towards the dance floor. Of course he was walking slowly to frustrate her. She turned to him as they were walking "Can you walk any slower? You are doing this deliberately..."

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