51. Parental Love

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Vincenzo was in the changing room after taking a quick shower following basketball practice, now getting dressed. Tristan then came out of the shower rooms with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked to a corner and started getting dressed silently.

Tristan envied Vincenzo who was going home to spend the rest of the day under the same roof as Vienna. He was willing to give anything to have such privilege. Why couldn't he be invited to spend time at the Rosario mansion when Letizia was welcome to even be in Vincenzo's bedroom. Why couldn't Francesco Rosario have the same rules regarding Vienna? Tristan's parents were much more liberal. He knew if Clarisa wished it she was allowed to invite boys over to the house. But of course their father was going to keep an eye out but she was allowed to invite anyone. However she had no boyfriend yet. She had been asked many times by Alton and she had told him she might save him a dance at the prom to please Azurine since they were close. But that was as interested as she became. He smiled to himself. His sister may not have been interested in inviting boys but she did not mind having sleep overs with the girls. The next weekend was going to be amazing. He was going to enjoy hanging out with the guys staying over at his home and he was going to enjoy Vienna's closeness in their mansion. It was a relief that he didn't have to hide his feelings for her any more. He wasn't keen on the idea of girls staying over before revealing to Vienna how he felt. But now he welcomed the idea with open arms.

Tristan was brought out of his thoughts as Vincenzo spoke without looking at Tristan pulling his socks up " Do you have to go to your mother again today after school?"

Tristan nodded as he pulled his shirt over his head " Yes. I do actually. Do you want to go instead of me to her office? We can swap. I am ready to make a deal. I go to your home and you go to my mother's office to spend time with her after school. Lets see how grateful you will become for having your mother and not mine in your family. After spending half a day with my mother, you will appreciate your mother for sure."

Vincenzo chuckled as he was wearing his shoes. He didn't say anything back and as he got ready, he walked outside to join his siblings to go home.

Tristan walked behind him exiting the changing room and looked outside the windows in the corridors spotting Vienna and Viggo waiting outside for their older brother to join them next to the basketball courts. He wished he could go with them. Any minute with Vienna felt like heaven. He walked through the corridors and went to his mothers office. He knocked and entered.

He walked in silently and went to the window looking outside waiting. His mother of course was occupied with her work on purpose delaying him unnecessarily so he got to spend less time with his father when they got home. His parents must have had a fight recently to make her become more competitive than usual. She was sitting behind her desk typing on the type writer. She had her own personal assistant, PA Gillian, for that but she sometimes liked to type up her own letters if they were too private. He wondered who she was writing to.

He turned around leaning to the wall as he was looking outside the window silently waiting for Vienna to come into sight at the front gate so he could watch her leave. At the same time he was waiting for his mother to acknowledge him finally. She liked taking her time as usual.

Tristan waited and waited. There was no sign of Vienna yet and his mother wasn't finished either. He looked at his watch wondering when his mother was going to finish. Lucky Trent didn't have to attend because he had saved him from coming to the office as he had asked to stay behind to help Azurine. But of course, him and Clarisa had to attend. His sister was late.

Minutes later a knock came on the door. Tristan watched as Clarisa entered as she was breathing hard obviously after running hard.

Tristan frowned " Are you alright? Did something happen at the cheer leading practice?"

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