53. His Beauty Is His Only

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Tristan woke up before his alarm went off. He looked at the time. It was abit too early to wake up. He heard noises from outside his bedroom. He could hear his parents arguing close to his door. He was used to it by now. They just fought non stop some times then they made up eventually but sometimes he became concerned when they didn't make up for weeks. He wondered if they could end up getting a divorce if they didn't forgive and forget after one of their fights. It would have meant a messy custody battle. There were three kids and none of them were any where near the legal age. He wondered how his parents were going to split them if they divorced. He knew his grandpa Giovanni would have fought hard to get his mother to take him away. He had tried before.

Grandpa Giovanni didn't like Tristan's father. It was no secret. He had tried encouraging  his daughter to leave Emanuelle and take custody of Tristan. But thankfully  Sancia loved her husband enough  not to allow their fights to go beyond the walls of the house.  It was lucky Tristan's grandfather hadn't managed to convince his mother to break up the family. Tristan's uncle Sergio had a divorce from his wife. Grandpa Giovanni welcomed it and made sure he bank rolled the custody courts and uncle Sergio got full custody. Now, Tristan's cousin Sebastiano only saw his mother once every few months. Sebastiano blamed his mother for the divorce so he didn't call her often even though he was allowed to contact her if he wished it.

Tristan didn't understand his cousin Sebastiano. But he got along with him. They compromised. Sebastiano was destined to be owning fifty percent of Giovanni empire and Tristan was inheriting the other half that his mother was managing and expanding unsuspectingly because women were underestimated in the underground crime world. The Giovanni business was booming thanks to his mothers choices and strategies which helped both his uncles Sergio's  assets and his mother's. Sebastiano was going to be a good ally since he did listen to Tristan and agreed with him on all matters relating to business but on personal matters they clashed. Sebastiano hated Tristan's father and that created tension and made them clash.

As Tristan got up from the bed, he turned off his alarm and walked to the gramophone on a nearby table. He played a music record as he wasn't interested in hearing his parents' arguments. He wondered why they didn't go on a vacation. They hadn't been on a break in a while. That always helped ease the tension.

As Tristan was listening to music and thinking hard, he was looking outside the window. It was a beautiful morning.  He walked to his desk and sat down. He smiled at the sight of Vienna's art book. He picked up the book gently and started flipping the pages. He stared at the various portraits she had drawn. Most were portraits of herself. But there were some others too from her family. As he flipped the pages he froze at the sight of an unwelcome portrait. What was he doing in this book? The unwelcome portrait was drawn at the very back of the book. Tristan hadn't stopped flipping the pages when he had reached blank pages. He was observant. He kept flipping the pages to the end. Then he saw his smirking face, Scorpious Voltolini. Tristan was burning with jealousy. She had drawn him before she had drawn Tristan? He was going to ask Vienna what that guy's picture was doing in her book. He closed the book angrily and turned off the music. He walked out of his room down the corridors to the kitchen. His parents were gone now. They weren't arguing any more.

As Tristan entered the kitchen he saw his father making himself a drink using the mixer. He liked banana shake in the morning. His father raised an eyebrow " what's wrong son?"

Tristan walked to the fridge as he muttered " You woke me up." He then pulled out a can of soda from the fridge and turned to his father as he closed the fridge door " Take mum on a vacation. Take her to the Caribbean or Mexico."

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