62. At The Zone

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The survival lesson had finished and students were at the Zone having fun. The zone was an entertainment zone within walking distance at the back of the school that was located within O'Neil properties solely for entertainment of students. Students ended up partying after their survival lessons on Fridays letting out steam. They finished school much earlier on fridays as timetable was different. It gave them time to hang out for longer having fun.

The girls were mostly in the winter building playing on the ice rink. The boys didn't join them ice skating and mostly spent their time roller skating. There was an arcade where the students could play games and the boys only Dome Endurance where boys had their own secretive entertainment where no girls were allowed. The girls had a place that was just for girls too, the Dome Beauty Parlour where they just had access for make up and accessories to experiment with. Where students were hanging out depended on their mood.

The girls were now sitting on the grass in front of a set of colour changing fountains eating gelatos and candy floss as they glanced between the fountain show and the boys playing on their skateboards showing off in the adjacent skating rink. The girls had just finished skating on the ice rink so they were just relaxing and discussing  gelato tasting and candy floss tasting.

Letizia had a mixture of different flavour gelatos on her tub. She couldn't tell one of the flavours. She turned to the others who were sitting on the grass alongside her " What's this flavour? I have never tasted this kind of gelato... I recognise the rest...."

Azurine laughed " Oh same here. When I arrived from Italy I thought I had tasted all flavours. That one is Irish cream flavour. Mr O'Neil has Irish cream with everything, bagels, pan cakes, whiskey, cocktails...."

Letizia raised an eyebrow " Interesting....." She then looked around and at the roller skating rink " Do you guys always come here after Fridays?"

It was Vanessa who responded " Sure. It's nice to relax after the long exercise at survival camp. It's good to let off some steam in the rink. Skating is good for coordination too."

Letizia turned to Vanessa " I have never had lesson like that before. Seriously, are your parents ok with you have three hours of strict army style training every week? The physical training is fine for me but this authority nonsense is something that's hard to get used to. Calling people, sergeant and corporal is just over the top."

Clarissa shrugged " It's only three hours a week. It's your first day. That's why it bothers you a lot. Also you got disciplined so you were shouted at and sanctioned so it must not be a good feeling. When you don't cross the superiors, it's fine. Next week you won't feel so annoyed."

Letizia argued " Its not just that. It just doesn't add up how all of you were singing and dancing in the changing room after finishing acting so cheerful after finishing the session. How can you just be ok? No one has ever complained..."

Azurine suggested " You will get used to it. Don't worry. It's not a big deal. Not any more. At the start of the term I know Vienna's mother wasn't happy for this lesson to be on her timetable but she was convinced by Vienna that it was ok. Vienna's mother wanted to pull her out. Vienna's father helped in designing part of the course so Vienna felt it also wasn't fair that everyone did the course and she didn't even though her own father helped put together the course. Apart from that our parents don't mind. They have read the rule books and it's safe. Only when Vincenzo and Tristan shout at you and sanction you then it takes a while to get over it for a while. If you don't make any mistakes, it's alright. I promise you. We don't enjoy it. It's tough, but it's only once a week. You will get used to it. Trust me."

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