70. Survival Camp Hours (Part 1)

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Letizia was hiding in the woods behind a tree. She had been alert to her surroundings waiting to be found. Her only reassurance was that Tristan was not going to find her. This was Vincenzo's section of the woods. So at least he called the shots. She didn't know how reassuring it was but it was in many ways. For once Tristan was just ruthless. He didn't like her and the feeling was mutual on her part. It was a clash of personalities when the met in any setting.

Letizia was thinking of how long it had passed. She had forgotten to wear her watch again. She had no idea what time it was. She knew she was one of the last to be found. She had overheard patrols saying so. People walked by and she managed to dodge them. She hoped they never found her. Could it be possible?

Then she heard the most horrific noises she could hear making her feel cold and numb. Dogs barking. She could hear dogs from a distance. They were searching for her with dogs. She leaned to a tree and sat down on the ground holding her face in her hands breathing hard. This was a nightmare. The sounds of dogs came closer and she closed her eyes shut waiting to be hurt by those vile creatures she had been afraid of for so long. She knew they were getting closer and closer. Maybe she could run. Could she? She opened her eyes and slowly stood up looking around deciding which way too run.

Letizia took a few steps away from a tree but before Letizia could run, she saw about a dozen dogs running towards her. She screamed. The dogs got closer and she kept on screaming. But then the dogs halted and froze in in one place as a whistle was heard.

Letizia looked around breathing ehavily looking for the source of the whistle and out of no where she saw Vincenzo coming out right behind her who was smirking at her "Whats the matter beautiful? Are you scared of a few cute puppies?"

Letizia put her hand on her chest "You are sick.... What is wrong with this school? You are all sick... No one told me there were going to be dogs here..."
Call off your dogs...You could give me a warning you had dogs..."

Vincenzo smirked " Come on. They are harmless. They would like to escort you to our destination which is the detention centre. You could get to know then you know. What's mine is yours. They are my dogs in this school. I have trained them..."

Letizia took a step towards him " You all disgust me."

Vincenzo shook his head " Tsk, tsk.... You do know I can give you strikes. Right?"

Letizia swallowed hard and remained silent staring him at him with contempt.

Vincenzo stated "What do you think this is? A treasure hunt for us? You have been missing for a few hours. Special measures come to play to find you."

Letizia looked at Vincenzo definitely " Stuff your special measures."

Vincenzo shook his head and took a step towards her stepping into her private space "You know... If you were anyone else I would have made you run lapse for speaking to me like this?"

Letizia complained "Speaking to you like what?"

Vincenzo explained " You know.... I think you have so much to learn. Dont take people on that you cant beat... Only confront them and take them on if you have the means to defeat them. I am a sergeant. I call the shots. if I want to set dogs on people to locate them I can... I am not Tristan. This is not my property. I dont know it like the back of my hand so I get some help from a couple of puppies. They are not dangerous dogs. Sadly the school doesnt let me bring my own dogs here. That would be more fun... I am stuck with these good for nothing puppies..."

Letizia gasped as she looked around at the huge dogs that luckily kep their distance from her "These are not puppies....."

Vincenzo sighed " I will help you overcome this fear of dogs. Dont worry."

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