98. A Dance & SleepOver (Part 2)

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Vienna watched Tristan come towards her as she was having her ice cream. She was not sure if she wanted to run or stay. Which way could she run anyways? The mall was an enclosed space. He was goig to find her. She was not trying to avoid him but she was not sure if she could handle hanging out with him at her father's mall. This place was owned by her father and they were standing right opposite his office. The last few days at Survival Camp had been tough. He had spent alot of one of one teaching time with her. He lived by so many rules and had taught her alot that she wasnt aware of. In the end they had left the camp witha smile as good scores came through and Vienna was starting to undetsrand some of the actions Tristan took. But now it was out of the camp and it was time to face the world.

As Tristan got closer, she decided to join back with her group who were looking at the shop windows discussing tiaras for their prom dresses. They had finished shopping and all bags were in cars. Now it was time for fun. but Vienna was not sure how she could have fun with tristan nearby and her father's men watching their every step that her father was going to know about. What if he came down there and told Tristan off?

As Vienna stood next to the girls watching the windows of shops while eating ice cream. Seconds later, she heard him from behind her "Vienna. Which one are you getting?"

Vienna turned around and came face to face with Tristan.

Vienna asked "Which one am I getting? ... I already have a collection of tiaras ... You ... sent them to me as present this morning because I passed so many challenges...."

Tristan gave a satisfied smile. it was nice of her to admit that. She was his queen. Of course he liked her to wear Tiaras that he picked. Tristan nodded " So you received them in the post? Thats good. I am glad they didnt get lost."

Vienna smiled "How could they?  There were plenty of tiaras in the box. the box was quite big..."

She then heard Clarisa call out "Are you coming Vienna? Its time for...."

Tristan turned to Clarisa and gave her a disapproving look silencing her but didnt say anything. He hardly had a chance to speak to Vienna.

Vienna quickly spoke "I must go...."

Tristan turned to Vienna "Where to?"

Clarisa answered from where she was standing next to the shop windows with the girls "We are going bowling before lunch. Would you like to join? Us girls are all going.... The bowling arena is at the basement of the mall...."

Tristan turned to Clarisa and then smiled meaning she was forgiven for the interruption "I would like that...." He then turned around and whistled signaling to the boys to come as he waved the boys over "Boys, lets go bowling..."

Clarisa frowned "Not them... They are uncivilised in bowling. remember the last time we played with them?..."

Tristan chuckled "Are you afraid of a challenge?"

Clarisa looked at the other girls who were looking at Clarisa waiting for her and hoping she got rid of the boys. It wasn't the plan. "Well we are not afraid.. But we all know how boys behave so competitively in bowling. they act like its life or death..."

"It is life or death..." Vincenzo's voice came from behind Clarisa.

Clarisa turned and saw Vincenzo in front of her and the other boys were also slowly surrounding the girls in a semi circle next to the massive Tiara shop.

Clarisa put her hands on her hips "I am sure the bowling arena has a policy against zoo animals..."

Vannessa added" Have you forgotten what happened last time in that bowling arena?"

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