2. Sibling Troubles

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Vienna was in the kitchen helping her mother mixing some of the ingredients for blueberry muffins, trying not to think about what her older brother had done to her painting. She was slowly moving the mixer around the bowel and keeping her mind occupied.

Vienna loved baking with her mother. It was her escape from the real world. She was glad they were even allowed to have a kitchen. Her father hated to watch her mother cook. There were a number of female servants who did the food preparation for the whole mansion and they served them food on the family floor everyday before Vienna, Viggo and Vincenzo went to school and after they came back from school. Their fridge was also stuffed with a variety of refreshments and drinks that were shopped by her fathers men and brought in for them. Meal times were the only time of the day that the family were guaranteed to see each other.

Vienna shuddered at the thought of how strict her father was about the family eating together. He was strict with that, just like how he was strict about her mother not cooking for the family on any day except on Saturday and Sundays which her mother loved. Her father didn't want her mother to even attend her management post at the hospital which she did five days a week but her mother had a way convincing her father to reconsider his instructions to her about leaving work.

That day was Saturday. Her mother loved baking cakes and cooking delicious Italian meals for her, her twin brother Viggo, Vincenzo and her father in the weekends. The routine on that day was an exception since their father was not home. He was in his business trip so Viggo and Vincenzo bent the rules slightly and were going to be there only for dinner. Vincenzo was spending the afternoon studying in his room with their cousin Alexander and his best friend Sebastiano Giovanni who was son of Sergio Giovanni. Viggo was at their uncle Costanzo's studying with their cousin Stefano. That left Vienna alone at home to study. Vincenzo didn't mind having her join him in his room studying but Vienna thought she will pass.

Adele spoke " That's enough sweetie. I will pour the mixture in muffin cups. Give it here. Why don't you go study? Is Vannessa Canavaro coming to study with you today?"

Vienna shook her head "No. She had to help her mother in her preparations for a family wedding soon. They had to go shopping. She cancelled on me."

Adele took the mixture bowl away " It's unlike her to cancel on you. She is organised like her father Georgio Canavaro. Oh well. Call some of your other friends."

Vienna chuckled " Mum. I don't want to scare them off. Vincenzo at our home without dad to control him is not a good combination with my friends being here."

Adele shrugged " Call Clarisa O'Neil then."

Vienna spoke " No mum. Then her brothers may show up too. Then it would be Vincenzo's ego busting session with him. You know how competitive they are. Again dad is not here to break up any fights. Vincenzo listens to you but still it will all be a mess. It's ok mum. I study alone. I will call our tutor if I got stuck."

Adele sighed. As much as she wanted to help her daughter more, she couldn't. Francesco didn't let her interfere with anything to do with her sons. Especially Vincenzo was out of her control. Only if she spoke to Francesco about her sons, then he privately had a word with Vincenzo and Viggo in his office then everything was better for a short term. Vincenzo was the hard one to get through. Viggo was slightly more responsive to her and she could approach him without having to ask Francesco to interfere mostly.

Adele spoke "Honey, I am sorry, Vincenzo is causing you trouble but your father doesn't let me interfere. Why don't you go join Viggo today and tomorrow for studying? When he returns today study with him and go with him tomorrow to work with Stefano."

Adele cringed at the thought " No mum. It's fine." There was no way she was going to uncle Costanzo's house. His adopted son, Cain, who was fourteen like her. Cain was from another criminal family who's parents had given Cain to Costanzo for protection. Only Viggo and Stefano, got on with him in school. He was hard to get along with and no one knew about his past. At least none of the kids did. But she knew adults knew more.

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